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I haven’t been blogging for a while, so I figured, instead of leaving it stagnant, I’m better off writing something, though it’s totally boring and just plainly about me, me and ME. Hmm. Let’s see. I was suppose to have my first restoration next Monday, but the patient canceled. Don’t know whether I should consider myself lucky or not because on one hand, I have to do two very complicated amalgam fillings and on the other hand, that means I might not get to see a patient, or have to examine yet another brand new patient, and pulling my hair out as to when to schedule him/her in.

You see, I don’t have many clinic sessions, only get them every alternate weeks, and juggling patients around isn’t exactly my idea of fun, it gets frustrating at times. Especially when *cough* R(s) *cough* ain’t helping. But I know some really do try their very best and I appreciate it a lot because it does make my life a lot less harder. Imagine doing a double booking and when two patients turn up after their long 30 minutes or so journey from their respective homes, expecting YOU to see them and in the end, you have to toss the coin to decide who’s the lucky one. The patient ain’t happy, tutor ain’t happy and you certainly, won’t be anywhere near happy. They always say communication is important, and man, I couldn’t agree more!! Luckily I did check up on my appointments or else, the worst of me will definitely cry out on my next Perio clinic. Phew.

Now let’s get into some bitching. It was just a small thing, don’t get too excited ok. Might even sound lame. But you know, I haven’t been bitching (my blog I mean. I bitch about ppl every single day in real life, duh) for quite some time, so any bitching is GOOD bitching. Me, Soph and Yinan were standing in front of the lift when I saw notorious B (note: nothing to do with real names) passing by and so naturally, I drew a faint smile. I mean just a polite smile, nothing too much, just like what you do when you see a stranger that kind of thing. B, who didn’t look very amused, didn’t reply my smile, scowling almost (T-T, okla, like I care) – which wasn’t anything out of expectations. I mean if people want to be rude, then let it be la ok.

The weird thing is, then B looked at Soph and flashed this SUPER big gao gao smile, like never in a gazillion years, complete with a fully enthusiastic miming HIIIIIII~~~ This is not the typical hi, it’s a HIIIIII sooooo big that I can practically see B’s uvula without trying. What a fakerrrrrr! Maybe B was just being nice and that Soph appears to be much nicer than me, who probably gives off a bitchy vibe. I have to admit that I’m not very nice towards B, aiya, in my opinion, if I don’t like you, then what’s the point of trying to be friendly with you and everyone else in the world like I’m a saint or something. Don’t like then don’t like, no need to pretend.

So at this point, some of you might probably think, “So then if you don’t like the person, why bother to smile when you see them?” Then what do you suggest me to do? Hmm, like totally ignore them maybe? I think that’s really rude la. Even if I hate the person to their bones, I can still manage a smile when I see them. It’s a very basic courtesy what! Anyhow, the thing that got me most is not because B didn’t smile, it’s the fact that how B’s attitude changes – it’s almost like a pot luck thing and you never know what to expect when you see B. Plus the number one rule (in my view) when you don’t like someone is, never ever ask for their help cause think about it, you won’t be willing to give them yours when they asked for it right? So if I won’t do it for others, then I won’t ask people to do it for me. If only you see the face when B wanted something from Y-O-U. Wahlao, sweet like no other. *Shudders* If only there’s such thing as a sign on people’s forehead noting 2-faced biatches, now we all would appreciate that wouldn’t we? But more often than not, we can all effortlessly spot those kind of beings and just STAY AWAY. Unless of course, if you’re one of those innocent ones who just accept everyone as they are. In a way, I kind of envy those people because they can just befriend anyone without having to think twice, but sometimes, I have to say I’m glad that I had been cautious and not meddled with them. Spare me those unnecessary drama please!


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