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Unlucky or what?

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I really should be studying. But I’m not. Because today’s such a long day that if I don’t rant it somewhere, I’ll end up bursting inside. Warning: very long and boring..


Didn’t feel like waking up this morning, again, but still manage to somehow drag myself into the cold weather outside. Then lectures and lectures and MORE BORING lectures. To be fair, only the last one was boring. I didn’t get ANYTHING out of that lecture except for some yawns and sleepy eyes, and oh oh NZ=enzyme. That’s pretty much it. So lunch was fun then went to school to prepare for clinic. Two patients today. Omg omg omg. First patient was fine. Just a simple examination, short and sweet. Loving it totally. Found this huge cavity that extended underneath the root of 36. While I wasn’t looking forward to restoring it, I didn’t actually think that I couldn’t restore it. But prognosis given by tutor was poor – exo is the only option. Sien. But I did manage to secure myself a first anterior restoration – speaking of which I am yet to book the patient in for cons. Why la do they have to separate perio and cons. Sometimes it gets frustrating because tutors for each respective area don’t really give a cow about the other one, so when I cross-seeing patients, very very difficult. Aih nvm. So I manage to finish on time, changed over and was prepared for the second patient, to which I’m going to scale on today. 5 minutes passed. Not here yet. 15 mins. Still not here – I was continuously ‘refreshing’ the appointment page on the database – for those who don’t know, there’s this software that’s connected to the database and allows us to keep track of patient’s arrival, cancellations, casenotes etc. 35 minutes. Ok I think I better call the patient. Called once. Went into voicemail. Ok, call again. Still no one picking up. Then I saw this figure sitting across the waiting area – looking familiarly like MY patient. But I wasn’t entirely sure. So I just went up and called up my patient’s name and tadaaa, found the patient. Omg. Patient didn’t report arrival to the receptionist. I just wasted 35 minutes for nothing. Sien. Already running out of time, I quickly took some PA(s), and didn’t that take FOREVER. How the heck la do you take PA? Diu. Lol. I was so annoyed. They should make manikin Dexta more realistic perhaps. In radiology lab, PA(s) are nice and pretty. In the clinic, it’s just bent and ugly. Haih. So after fiddling with it for like 20 minutes, manage to finish and start with the scaling. Luckily I only have a few teeth. But then, I got the sucky cavitron tip loooorr. The big fat blunt one. Yorrr. So inefficient ok compare to the sharp ones. Like the normal ultrasonic scaler machines are already kind of not up to standard, now have to add the sucky tip? Frustrated. Scale scale – not much came out did it? Man. Man. MAN. Anyway. Took a while to scale then probe then hand scale then probe then went back to ultrasonic. It’s like a vicious cycle. Why doesn’t the calculus come out laaaaa. And I thought I only missed one spot – even freaking chec with probe ok. But when the tutor checked – wahlao. A lotttttt interproximal calculus left. Now I officially hate fat scalers with a passion d. Anyhoo, tutor completed the scaling. And a lotttt of blood. But nowadays when I scale, I get more excited when I see blood. That must means I went in deep enough to clean the calculus right? Lol. Now I’m so much more aggressive because the patient’s under LA anyway, so if I don’t go deep enough, then what’s the point of LA la right? So yea. I manage to finish on time la but haven’t do paper work neh. Aih. Did most of it then decided to skip Perio lecture thinking I can go home early then can start studying for the DHS test earlier la. Good choice I think to meself and after seeing the bus coming just right after I arrived in the bus stop – double hurray!!!~ At least I’m still have some sort of luck going on. Then a quarter through the trip, I found out my file’s missing!!! I probably left it in the locker. So I just shrugged it off la. Then the more I think – shit, my DHS notes are in there. Ah nvm, can read from MyUni. The blessings of a high-tech world. Then I think again – wait, my tutorials etc are in THERE too. Sien. pressed the bell to get off the nearest stop and went opposite the road to wait for a bus back to city. I was like one third into the way home D leh. T-T. Bus took forever to come, when I arrived in the city, guess who I saw? No points for guessing my COURSEMATES. God really didn’t want me to skip Perio does he? Purposely show me if I have stayed, there would have been NO EFFING DIFFERENCE lorrrrr. I get it alright!!! Then ran frantically back to the school after realising it’s gettind dark, and the school might be closed. And it was. -.-” But then someone came out the side door, thank heavens and the next minute, I’m opening my locker. But no freaking file. It’s NOT thereeeee. Sei lor. Then I think about the possibilities. Might have left it upstairs earlier when I was checking the computer for appointments. Went up and it was locked out. But luckily I saw this dude and he opened it for me. Luckily it’s him not the ahjumma cleaner. I don’t think she’ll be that nice? No? Okla, maybe she is. Anyway – looked around and cannot find also. Sien la. Then nevermind lor, lower down the grill and gave back keys to the guy then I went over to switchboard area just in case since they might put lost and found there. And guess what? No points for guessing again. Sitting right on top of the table. But the door was locked. The window’s opened, but too far for me to reach. For a moment there I was actually contemplating of climbing up lo. Actually that’s totally impossible cause the window’s REALLY high lol. So I asked the guy again and he told me how to open and wahlaaa – I’m with my file and on my next bus home. Oh the drama. The end.


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2nd term and counting..

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First day back to Uni after a pathetic week of holiday. And was having bad case of insomnia the night before. So not looking forward to DLP and clinic. Got over DLP fine. Then found out one of my patient canceled, which means I only have to see one patient. My day totally got better. Then went on and see the patient. Gave my very first block. Hit bone way too early. Shift. Still too early. Shift till almost incisors liao OMG. Still a bit too short I think. Anyway, administered the whole carpule. Hands didn’t shake, I’m surprise. Was injecting at super slow pace – till I sibeh sien and accelerated it. One carpule very hard to go by one ok. Took forever. Then placed rubber dam. Now that was surprisingly easy. Maybe now I’ll have more appreciation for diastema(s). Super good for rubber dams and interprox restoration. Like hell no I’m going to hit the adjacent teeth ok. Love it. Patient never actually had r/dam before. Was kind of stoke for words as to how should I explain it. I remembered saying something like bla bla sheet bla bla goes through teeth bla bla separates from mouth. Could not have been vaguer. Poor patient. Then half way through removing old filling, patient beh tahan. Obviously not a fan of r/dam. Took it off to see what patient really needed after numerous futile guessing attempts from suction to pain. Patient’s explanation was ambiguous, and kept pointing towards the right side. Oh, the anaesthesia is on the left by the way. Anycow, placed it back after persuading patient to try once more. Remove filling successfully and barely did a prep and cleaned caries. Waited for tutor to check. So took r/dam out again. I knowwww, I can’t even believe myself asking if patient would like to have it off while waiting. But patient appeared really uncomfortable. If it wasn’t for the easy r/dam, I don’t think I would have done that ba? Hmmm. Patient again pointed finger on right side. This time patient managed to find the right words. ‘Cannot close’. Oooo. First locked jaw!! Could tell by the way the mandible closes – jerked a lot. Only when patient opens too wide. Advised patient to control opening. Don’t have to strain and open too wide. Then tutor checked and gave the nod. On goes the r/dam, again have to give more assurance to patient – I feel like a shrink already!! Then did the filling – tutor helped me in mixing and loading of amalgam, super good right?? Then checked articulation and carved away the high bits. Finished with scaling. Highlight of the day – patient spitted into the area where the cup of water (patient’s holding) was suppose to sit, rather than the spittoon. Imagine my horror. And the DA’s horror. LOL. But patient discharged happily – I think patient’s being too nice on me. But it’s a good thing, certainly NOT complaining.

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Now if only I can scream like that in the real world *sighs*. I’m in the midst of doing my occlusion report and man it’s taking too long for my liking. Why can’t it be simpler? Why do I have to make it so difficult? I mean afterall, I’m still going to get shit marks and I am seriously wondering why the heck am I trying so freaking hard. Reading through journals. Hounding down textbooks. Going to the library in the middle of holidays, yes, you did not read that wrong. Sibeh sien laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! And my holidays are coming to an end soon, T-T. I mean, they didn’t even begin for me, and the next minute it’s over. Dentistry is really getting into me liao. And I haven’t even started studying for the DHS test. And the other subjects, I can’t even start to think how hard it’s going to be reading through those *roll eyes*. Exams are like a few months away, but I think I should start stressing about it already, given the progress I’ve made so far. Well, if you can call it a ‘progress’… Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to researching ‘attrition’, why oh why do you have attrition Clare????!!! But I think my dentition are even harder for her lol… and Wendy. So I really shan’t be complaining eh? *pulling the longest sigh ever heard on earth*

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Can’t think of a title lar…

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An extremely fruitful day. Hehehe. Went into the city to exchange my faulty bus tickets, returned something, and checked my own occlusion at Wendy’s place lol. Gah, I hate the smell of articulating papers – they’re like even worst than those inked sheet we use to make carbon copies! Don’t take this the wrong way hor Wendy, I’m more than happy to help you! Then went to lunch with Wendy and had ja jang meun in Seoul Express – it was delicious ^^ After that went back to check out this shoe store that was having sales. They had nice boots and I’m itching to have one at knee length, so we both looked at the section that was in sale. It read $30 and underneath it 2 for $50. Wah, super excited man. I just love cheap stuff ok. Plus this one is totally worth it lorrrr. Okla, I’m comforting myself for being such a sucker for on-sales item, but this one really is – I no bluff you one!!

Halfway through browsing….
My shopping companion (MSC): Wait, so one for $30 then two for $50. Is it one side for $30? And a pair for $50?
Me: Errrrrrrr…..
MSC: A pair for $30 then 2 pairs for $50?
Me: *lol* Duhhhh!! of course they meant in pairs.

Funny la, sibeh cute can die. Until the next time when I actually see a shop that sells shoes separately instead of by the pair, I don’t think I’ll ever stop paying you out la Wendy. Hahaha. But don’t worry, if I did see one, you’ll be the first I’ll think of and tell, FOR SURE. So continue with shopping, then we both decided to get a pair. I quickly jumped into brown, while Wendy’s fidgeting with grey and black ones. But we quickly jumped into conclusion that the grey one looks better because of this fishmonger image that constantly pop up into our heads with the black ones. I think the next time I see anyone wearing shiny glossy black boots – I’ll chuckle like kisiao. Sure hope that’s not going to be any of my patients….

Pardon the lousy resolution of my latest bargain and messy background. Sorry lar, instead of impressing y’all with expensive Prada(s) or latest gadgets *cough cough* piano *cough cough*, here at s0hp0h.blogspot is so cheapskate one…. Poor mah, boh bian. Plus everytime I see cheap stuff, something in them just keeeeeep luring me towards them and even though I don’t really like them, I still have this big rush over me, urging me to get it, like still waiting for whattttttt!! On top of that, there’s the massive price-cut psychology leh. Original price was like $70+ and now $25 wor, where to find!!! Sei mou, I think I’m turning into some aunty liao la with such mentality….. Help me~~

p/s Might want to head over HERE to cleanse the auntiness off you. Word is, new foosball (how the hell do you spell this word?) table coming soon.

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A thing or two on presents

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Update: Would like to take this opportunity to wish Gil and Ying Ying Happy Birthday(s)!!!

Birthday season is officially well on and going with numerous big twos bombarding my way! It’s crazy!!! And I have yet to get some of the presents -.-” I hate shopping around for gifts. Especially for friends you’ve known for well, say more than five years? Like you give them one every year since you’ve met and so jeweleries naturally pop first (I’m talking about girls of course, don’t even get me started on guys). Then comes the clothes, bag, watch and you see, what about the fifth year? There’s really not a wide range to choose from so back we go again to jeweleries, clothes etc etc. Oh, and did I hear someone saying photo frames? No, I won’t do that. We all know those are only appropriate when we’re in high school and not-so-close friends. Yah, so those who got a photo frame from me in the recent years, there’s no need for me to elaborate further. Except for you Shan, because I painstakingly resized and printed our pictures over and over to fit into those fancy boxes and I ain’t doing that for nothing! That being said though, I had actually received a LOT of photo frames, well at least now I know, ahaha.

I admit I could have been a lil more creative by pushing the barriers for more fancy gifts, but you know, I just want to stay on the safe side. I would hate to have spend the money to get something from the heart and yet, the recipient doesn’t like it. Like what a waste would that be? Good for me that they don’t say it to my face. And what about when we ourselves get something we don’t like? That’s why I dread the classic call of ‘open the presents’. So do we fake a happy smile while others looked on attentively? Or do we just be dead straight honest about it and let our face speak our minds? When I’m in that position, I know I would always pretend that I’m totally loving the gift man. At least I tried to although sometimes my face might suggest something different. When that happens hor, you should know you had got the gift really wrong lor, hahaha. The thing is, despite whether I liked the gift or not, the fact that someone actually took the effort to get me a gift, alone, is a point worth celebrating already. I mean, it might be a social courtesy, but it’s not an obligation. I just want to make it clear that I am truly happy for every single sincere gift I received. Just in case if my face did show a hint of disappointment in the future lol.

Not sure if I have actually blogged about this before (if I have, it’s eons ago anyway), but on my 18th birthday, one of my friend got me a really *ekhem* gift. Imagine the look on my face when I uncovered a huge jar of something resembling Nutella. Great I thought (I was actually happy to get a bottle of chocolate spread ok, don’t judge me!). But the label looked different. Must be some alternative brand. So I was scrutinizing the label and my eyes fell on ‘Instructions’. Like harlo, how hard can spreading jam be? Instructions for who? Idiots? Freaking ridiculous. But it turns out that I was that idiot because instead of reading ‘open jar and spread jam with a knife onto your toast’, it read along the lines of ‘heat chocolate before applying onto body’. Then something more ambiguous suggesting *cough cough* licking *cough cough* and *cough* tastes yummy *cough*. Dotz man. But I have to salute the girl for getting me such an unforgettable gift. As you would have guessed, it sat on my drawer, unsealed as new, well over it’s pass-by date. Now I come to think of it, I should have at least use it as a Nutella substitute right? Gross? Okay, that’s a bad idea. But you never know, might have tasted better=P So what’s the most kinky gift you’ve ever received? Tell me if you’ve got none up your sleeves cause I can always slip in one on your next birthday. It’s just over-the-counter *cough cough* rubber *cough cough* product afterall hahahaha.

p/s Now wouldn’t life be so much easier if everyone has a wishlist? That would have at least give me some sort of idea what to get. I’m thinking way toooo hard that it’s going to give me grays soon. Please submit your wishlist on the comment section (especially you Wendy and also Chian if possible lol) thank you very much.

pp/s That does not mean I will definitely follow your wishlist hahahaha. And please don’t write something ridiculous like passing this year because I’m no God, sorry.

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This is not what u think it is

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I read this in The Star and find it kind of funny.

PUTRAJAYA: The Government wants to do away with foreign workers as their numbers – both legal and illegal – have reached three million.

Omg. Three MILLION. That’s hugeeeeee, no? You see, Adelaide has a population of just over 1 million according to the ever so reliable Wikipedia. That’s three TIMES of Adelaide. Sigh. Adelaide is so so small. Just those bangla/indo/whatever in Malaysia alone can set up a little city, that’s probably going to be way more prosperous than Adelaide. But one really starts to wonder if the stats are true or not because I really don’t see many of them in Malaysia. It’s not like in Adelaide where out of 5 people you see, 2 OUGHT to be Chinese. In Kl it’s probably out of every 50 people, I only see one maid? And that’s the maid employed by my relative so to speak. So is it because not as many maids work in KL? Don’t think so, I mean KL always have the highest in everything! Shopping outlets, traffic jams la, accidents la, polices, thieves, I mean EVERYTHING! It’s so ridiculous that in KL, most major shopping malls even have two of the same brand in that one mall itself. 2 CKs. 2 DKNYs. 2 Guessessss. Kisiao! No one even goes into those shops OK! Anyway, so maybe KL people just like to restrain their maids at home. Because hor, surely, those young families I see happily shopping away during weekends have maids at home lor. You see the ‘hip’ mother goes all cranky when the husband interrupts with a crying kid in the middle of her shopping. So clearly, that’s not what she’s used to? Haha. Anyway. Why am I even talking about this. I can’t even believe myself. Sorry to bore you guys.

p/s I was drying the pt’s teeth and some interdental papillae started flapping around
to salute the air! Funny haha..

p/ps Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First filling

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After such a long anticipation due to numerous examinations and cancellations, I finally did my virgin restoration yesterday on an alive patient, whom I hoped would still be alive by the end of it. I was planning to do a pinned amalgam on 16 and so I prepared all the material accordingly before the patent’s arrival. So then the patient’s (shortened to pt from now on) here and the first thing pt said on the chair was, “One of my filling came out. And some bits of tooth as well”. I was hopingggg for it to be the 16 rather than the 14 which I planned to do in next appointment. And luckily enough, it was. But unlucky enough, the fractured was soooooo huge. Half of the crown is gone. There’s a combination of secondary AND root caries. Omg. And pt wants to leave by 3 pm. Which means I only have one and a half hour. OMG.

So I gave the pt some buccal infiltrations and on I went to remove the old amalgam. Took me quite sometime. For those of you who noticed, yes I didn’t put a rubber dam on. I so want to T-T but 16 was the most distal tooth in the quadrant and I think the tooth wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of ol’ mighty clamp. After removing the amalgam, I didn’t even use my HS 544 to create a cavity because it was already so big that I just feared what a HS can do! So I just cleaned the caries with trusty SS round bur. But for some reason, my bur kept hopping. Like jumping around, maybe I didn’t have a steady grip. So as you can see already, it didn’t really work. Then tutor came along and picked up the 544 and ZOOMed, tooth was as clean as ever. And then removed root caries with the SS. Wow. I wished I could be so sure. And tutor said no pin is required. There isn’t a spot to place it anyway, really.

Then comes the placement of matrix band, which was a horror itself, and it was so hard to get a nice shape! Why can’t all cavities be like the ones we do in lab. Aih. So difficult. The part of the band which was unsupported by any tooth structure just caved in like nobody’s business, how on earth can I do thisssss? And when I finally managed to get a nice shape, part of the gingiva was impinged inside the band, but it stopped the caving in lor. I just gave up and let the tutor do it. And the wonder hands managed to slowly burnish the matrix and get a good shape.

So then tutor said condition it then pop in the amalgam and so I questioned if tutor would like to check the lining, to which tutor replied, “Nah, don’t need a lining. Why did you think you need one?” -.-” I was speechless. And silently answered “It says so in the book”. Lol. Tutor didn’t really mind and if I wanted to, I could place one. So we do learn something new everyday! But I did placed one. Which was like half set liao. Zzz. Did I mentioned how hard it was to condition without freaking rubber dam? Omg. I placed it and the moment my microbrush went out of the oral cavity, pt just had this reflex of closing the mouth. My heart was literally crying.. So I placed somemore and to keep the pt from closing, I kept the mirror in the mouth, yet pt didn’t really get the hint and still closed. Dotz. I really hoped the mirror sheltered the cavity from saliva.

And so I washed the tooth, and pt suddenly jerked. Omg. I knew it. LA bohliao. As if on cue, tutor was right there and so offered to do it, since the retainer and band was blocking the way. Then tutor was preparing to inject when I noticed the needle was bent at the hub. Must have knocked it on something I thought and quickly alerted tutor to which tutor replied, yea, it’s meant to be like that. Another new thing. It’s angulated for easier access and bam, whole carpule went in within 5 seconds maybe? Dila who was assisting me (poor girl got ffk by her pt) looked at me with HUGE eye balls. Lol. And mumbled, “Cepatnya”. I hoped the pt didn’t feel a thing. Man, I felt like I’m torturing my pt so badly…

So then under Dila’s assistance, I managed to pack the amalgam quickly. But maybe too quickly that some bits fell into pt’s mouth. Gulps. Told pt not to swallow!!! Stupid HS suction ain’t working, I want my rubber dam already!!~ Then I carved and took off the matrix band just to find the gingival floor had some discrepancy. Diaoz. And to top that off, my carving isn’t exactly at it’s best either. I mean at it’s best, my work is kind of just OK only, and at it’s worst, man, you can finish off the sentence for me. So I told Dila to get tutor for me and I was preparing myself for the worst. I was expecting the classic “What have YOU doneeeee” with huge exclamation marks. And that tutor would have to remove the whole thing and redo it. It was already a little past 3 but deep inside, I actually hoped the tutor would redo it since it looked real bad and I just felt so terrible for the pt’s sake.

So the tutor sat down and looked, I held my breath. Then after acknowledging the gingival discrepancy just on top of the root, tutor said that part was hard to fill anyway, just need to pop in some Fuji 2. Ohhhh, another new tip. So then tutor said carving was good (I was like HUH?) and after checking the occlusion, tutor added that it was really good because there were no high points and that I got it right (I was like, maybe it’s too low?). Anyway, I felt way wayyy better after those comments. Tutor’s the experienced one what, so if tutor said it’s good, it can’t be that bad right? *poking fingers* After the tutor fixed up the restoration, I happily discharged my pt and thanked pt for being so cooperative. Seriously after what I put the pt through, I’m surprised if pt would ever come back to me. Sighs. Anyway, I heart my tutor for being so kind and helpful, if not, I’ll probably feel so demoralised by the end of it. Thank you so much to Dr B, to pt, and to Dila.

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