Happy Birthday Chian!!~

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Today is an auspicious day where, no no no, not April’s Fool la. Does anyone even remember it is April’s Fool. Seemed long forgotten the days we used to trick each other. I remember as a kid, who didn’t understand what April’s Fool was, got a crash tutorial from my older brother. I figured it’s a day where I can play pranks of people and they cannot get angry. Well, I suppose. Anyway, then I asked stupidly, “How to trick people oo?” To which my brother answered, “You know, write silly notes and stick it up on people’s back, say.. Cake me, I’m stupid etc.” I was like, “Cake mee?” So I obediently wrote it down on a notebook sized piece of paper, though I was totally clueless. How is some sweet piece of desert and a bowl of noodles funny? Teenage humour, me thought. Still, I was really proud of my very first trick apparatus. So I hunted for a victim and stuck the note on someone’s back, forgot who was it. Then my brother looked at it and go, “It’s KICK ME la you dumbass…” No chocolates for pointing out how sucky my English was.. and is still.. Ah nvm..

Ok, I really didn’t intend to blog about April’s Fool, but can’t help the digression. Back to the point. Today’s an auspicious day where it’s the very day when a little miss noob turns 21, wahlao, super OLD right? No chocolates for guessing who it is either. Going to slaughter you guys who thinks it’s my birthday. Hello, as if I will call myself miss noob. Hahah, if anything, I will only call myself silly. Not noob. Hell no!!! Lol.. There’s still like 18 minutes left till the day’s over, so hope you have had a super nice happy birthday, Chian!! And may all your bday dreams come true!! Since you have 21 wishes, please leave one for me to pass 3rd year THIS year k!! Muacks!!~~ Lastly, all the best in studies, and may 21st be the best and craziest year of your life yet and, be happy!!! Big big hugzzz~~ And about me announcing your age to humankind, please don’t kill me =P


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