Bizzarre day

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My first cancellation of the year!! Goes to my unnamed perio patient. Actually two cancellations altogether, but they manage to slot in my previous patient for me, so I manage to do some scaling. Kudos to the R(s) for their efficiency in swapping my later session (3pm) to an earlier one (1.30pm). But I still left clinic late. Tell you why later. So my first ever root debridement went pretty well today. Oh, and also the first ever injections (did like 4?) on real patient. I manage to get most of the calculus off *proud*. Did miss a few spots, but it’s quite good for me d, especially when I didn’t follow up the ultrasonic scaling with manual scalers due to my utter hatred of them.

Tutor came and checked and started scaling. Wahlao. So Much Blood. O.M.G. Looks damn painful. I’m glad my patient was all numbed up. Then I proceed to round off the sharp edges on some restorations, patient complain, boh bian. So I picked up the slow speed (too chicken to use high speed since tutor repeatedly remind me to just take a LIL bit off) for the very first time in a real clinic. Eh, actually no. I used it before for prophy. But first time with a bur though. Previously when doing fissure sealants in second year, was given a high speed to polish, but I can only watch the tutor do it. Was suppose to use high speed in Cons clinic ages ago, but patient canceled, BOH BIAN lo.

Then after I happily discharged my patient, I tried to finish up my paperwork so that I can leave early, yay!!! But then tutor asked me to help QQ. Fine lor. I mean I don’t mind being a DA what, just that need to see for who only. Haha. Okla, to be fair, QQ was actually quite ok, even thanked me for my service. So I’m kinda feeling bad, maybe I shouldn’t bitch about QQ. Hmmmm. What do you say? Just bitch nia? Actually nothing much la. Just that it’s quite frustrating when QQ cannot decide the depth, one second it’s Xmm then changed to Ymm then back to Xmm, sien. And also QQ always go like, there’s a Zmm pocket… So I waited for QQ to finish off the sentence, but nothing came out. Like my eyes are stuck to QQ’s eyes like that, know which teeth, know which aspect. I could have physically LOOK myself but first of all, QQ’s head and hands and instruments were blocking my vision, and second of all, I didn’t really want to stand too near because I wasn’t wearing a mask. Get it???? One metre away oso cannot tahan…. I am starting to have doubts of this so-called bright career, lol.

And the funniest thing was when QQ probed around the mouth, then you can so tell the patient was in pain. Everytime the probe went in, patient would hold his fists. I was kind of hoping QQ not to probe so hard, sure did not want to send the patient up the roof and bang the fist on his sides, which was where I WAS. I am glad to report that I’m well and alive by the end of it. I wonder if that’s the right way to probe? Cause more often than not, I would miss a pocket here and there. Must be too gentle liao.

Then after school ended, I went home as usual. Was in the bus, just three of four stops away from home when it started to rain real heavily. Tick tick tak takkkkkk. So naturally, I looked outside the window, and omfg, it’s raining men ice!!!!!! Little ice balls. And lotsssss of them. Coincidentally, someone got off the bus and man, you can just tell by their facial expressions how painful it is having those iceballs striking their skin. It lasted for a couple of minutes, covering everywhere with ice, until it finally rained and dissipated some of the ice. I’ve only seen ice balls three times I think. Once during the night. Another time wasn’t that significant. This is definitely one of the worst hail storm I’ve seen. Cool man!!~


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  1. 1

    Anonymous said,

    i don’t think probing should hurt the patient… only use 20 grams of force on probing, which is the force you need to blanch a fingernail. very light!

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    oh, that’s lighter than I expected. I heard from someone that i should just place the probe in and let the weight of the probe to the job, so really, not too hard. Just that sometimes it kind of worries me when the tutor manage to get a 7mm pocket and I don’t..

  3. 3

    Anonymous said,

    doesn’t your tutor tell you about the 20grams of force used for probing?

    i think the tutor has more experience, that’s why they can position the probe correctly. if your probe was angled wrongly and not directly against the tooth surface, it’ll bump into the sulcus epithelium and you won’t get the full depth of pocket.

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