First filling

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After such a long anticipation due to numerous examinations and cancellations, I finally did my virgin restoration yesterday on an alive patient, whom I hoped would still be alive by the end of it. I was planning to do a pinned amalgam on 16 and so I prepared all the material accordingly before the patent’s arrival. So then the patient’s (shortened to pt from now on) here and the first thing pt said on the chair was, “One of my filling came out. And some bits of tooth as well”. I was hopingggg for it to be the 16 rather than the 14 which I planned to do in next appointment. And luckily enough, it was. But unlucky enough, the fractured was soooooo huge. Half of the crown is gone. There’s a combination of secondary AND root caries. Omg. And pt wants to leave by 3 pm. Which means I only have one and a half hour. OMG.

So I gave the pt some buccal infiltrations and on I went to remove the old amalgam. Took me quite sometime. For those of you who noticed, yes I didn’t put a rubber dam on. I so want to T-T but 16 was the most distal tooth in the quadrant and I think the tooth wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of ol’ mighty clamp. After removing the amalgam, I didn’t even use my HS 544 to create a cavity because it was already so big that I just feared what a HS can do! So I just cleaned the caries with trusty SS round bur. But for some reason, my bur kept hopping. Like jumping around, maybe I didn’t have a steady grip. So as you can see already, it didn’t really work. Then tutor came along and picked up the 544 and ZOOMed, tooth was as clean as ever. And then removed root caries with the SS. Wow. I wished I could be so sure. And tutor said no pin is required. There isn’t a spot to place it anyway, really.

Then comes the placement of matrix band, which was a horror itself, and it was so hard to get a nice shape! Why can’t all cavities be like the ones we do in lab. Aih. So difficult. The part of the band which was unsupported by any tooth structure just caved in like nobody’s business, how on earth can I do thisssss? And when I finally managed to get a nice shape, part of the gingiva was impinged inside the band, but it stopped the caving in lor. I just gave up and let the tutor do it. And the wonder hands managed to slowly burnish the matrix and get a good shape.

So then tutor said condition it then pop in the amalgam and so I questioned if tutor would like to check the lining, to which tutor replied, “Nah, don’t need a lining. Why did you think you need one?” -.-” I was speechless. And silently answered “It says so in the book”. Lol. Tutor didn’t really mind and if I wanted to, I could place one. So we do learn something new everyday! But I did placed one. Which was like half set liao. Zzz. Did I mentioned how hard it was to condition without freaking rubber dam? Omg. I placed it and the moment my microbrush went out of the oral cavity, pt just had this reflex of closing the mouth. My heart was literally crying.. So I placed somemore and to keep the pt from closing, I kept the mirror in the mouth, yet pt didn’t really get the hint and still closed. Dotz. I really hoped the mirror sheltered the cavity from saliva.

And so I washed the tooth, and pt suddenly jerked. Omg. I knew it. LA bohliao. As if on cue, tutor was right there and so offered to do it, since the retainer and band was blocking the way. Then tutor was preparing to inject when I noticed the needle was bent at the hub. Must have knocked it on something I thought and quickly alerted tutor to which tutor replied, yea, it’s meant to be like that. Another new thing. It’s angulated for easier access and bam, whole carpule went in within 5 seconds maybe? Dila who was assisting me (poor girl got ffk by her pt) looked at me with HUGE eye balls. Lol. And mumbled, “Cepatnya”. I hoped the pt didn’t feel a thing. Man, I felt like I’m torturing my pt so badly…

So then under Dila’s assistance, I managed to pack the amalgam quickly. But maybe too quickly that some bits fell into pt’s mouth. Gulps. Told pt not to swallow!!! Stupid HS suction ain’t working, I want my rubber dam already!!~ Then I carved and took off the matrix band just to find the gingival floor had some discrepancy. Diaoz. And to top that off, my carving isn’t exactly at it’s best either. I mean at it’s best, my work is kind of just OK only, and at it’s worst, man, you can finish off the sentence for me. So I told Dila to get tutor for me and I was preparing myself for the worst. I was expecting the classic “What have YOU doneeeee” with huge exclamation marks. And that tutor would have to remove the whole thing and redo it. It was already a little past 3 but deep inside, I actually hoped the tutor would redo it since it looked real bad and I just felt so terrible for the pt’s sake.

So the tutor sat down and looked, I held my breath. Then after acknowledging the gingival discrepancy just on top of the root, tutor said that part was hard to fill anyway, just need to pop in some Fuji 2. Ohhhh, another new tip. So then tutor said carving was good (I was like HUH?) and after checking the occlusion, tutor added that it was really good because there were no high points and that I got it right (I was like, maybe it’s too low?). Anyway, I felt way wayyy better after those comments. Tutor’s the experienced one what, so if tutor said it’s good, it can’t be that bad right? *poking fingers* After the tutor fixed up the restoration, I happily discharged my pt and thanked pt for being so cooperative. Seriously after what I put the pt through, I’m surprised if pt would ever come back to me. Sighs. Anyway, I heart my tutor for being so kind and helpful, if not, I’ll probably feel so demoralised by the end of it. Thank you so much to Dr B, to pt, and to Dila.


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