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I read this in The Star and find it kind of funny.

PUTRAJAYA: The Government wants to do away with foreign workers as their numbers – both legal and illegal – have reached three million.

Omg. Three MILLION. That’s hugeeeeee, no? You see, Adelaide has a population of just over 1 million according to the ever so reliable Wikipedia. That’s three TIMES of Adelaide. Sigh. Adelaide is so so small. Just those bangla/indo/whatever in Malaysia alone can set up a little city, that’s probably going to be way more prosperous than Adelaide. But one really starts to wonder if the stats are true or not because I really don’t see many of them in Malaysia. It’s not like in Adelaide where out of 5 people you see, 2 OUGHT to be Chinese. In Kl it’s probably out of every 50 people, I only see one maid? And that’s the maid employed by my relative so to speak. So is it because not as many maids work in KL? Don’t think so, I mean KL always have the highest in everything! Shopping outlets, traffic jams la, accidents la, polices, thieves, I mean EVERYTHING! It’s so ridiculous that in KL, most major shopping malls even have two of the same brand in that one mall itself. 2 CKs. 2 DKNYs. 2 Guessessss. Kisiao! No one even goes into those shops OK! Anyway, so maybe KL people just like to restrain their maids at home. Because hor, surely, those young families I see happily shopping away during weekends have maids at home lor. You see the ‘hip’ mother goes all cranky when the husband interrupts with a crying kid in the middle of her shopping. So clearly, that’s not what she’s used to? Haha. Anyway. Why am I even talking about this. I can’t even believe myself. Sorry to bore you guys.

p/s I was drying the pt’s teeth and some interdental papillae started flapping around
to salute the air! Funny haha..

p/ps Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Xian Boon said,

    haha not only house maid mah…got the built road de..then some restoren aslo foreign work..i stil remember during public holiday when to kota raya..all the road i just can see foreign work ..@@

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    hahahahhahaa.. icic

  3. 3

    Smartphone said,

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