A thing or two on presents

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Update: Would like to take this opportunity to wish Gil and Ying Ying Happy Birthday(s)!!!

Birthday season is officially well on and going with numerous big twos bombarding my way! It’s crazy!!! And I have yet to get some of the presents -.-” I hate shopping around for gifts. Especially for friends you’ve known for well, say more than five years? Like you give them one every year since you’ve met and so jeweleries naturally pop first (I’m talking about girls of course, don’t even get me started on guys). Then comes the clothes, bag, watch and you see, what about the fifth year? There’s really not a wide range to choose from so back we go again to jeweleries, clothes etc etc. Oh, and did I hear someone saying photo frames? No, I won’t do that. We all know those are only appropriate when we’re in high school and not-so-close friends. Yah, so those who got a photo frame from me in the recent years, there’s no need for me to elaborate further. Except for you Shan, because I painstakingly resized and printed our pictures over and over to fit into those fancy boxes and I ain’t doing that for nothing! That being said though, I had actually received a LOT of photo frames, well at least now I know, ahaha.

I admit I could have been a lil more creative by pushing the barriers for more fancy gifts, but you know, I just want to stay on the safe side. I would hate to have spend the money to get something from the heart and yet, the recipient doesn’t like it. Like what a waste would that be? Good for me that they don’t say it to my face. And what about when we ourselves get something we don’t like? That’s why I dread the classic call of ‘open the presents’. So do we fake a happy smile while others looked on attentively? Or do we just be dead straight honest about it and let our face speak our minds? When I’m in that position, I know I would always pretend that I’m totally loving the gift man. At least I tried to although sometimes my face might suggest something different. When that happens hor, you should know you had got the gift really wrong lor, hahaha. The thing is, despite whether I liked the gift or not, the fact that someone actually took the effort to get me a gift, alone, is a point worth celebrating already. I mean, it might be a social courtesy, but it’s not an obligation. I just want to make it clear that I am truly happy for every single sincere gift I received. Just in case if my face did show a hint of disappointment in the future lol.

Not sure if I have actually blogged about this before (if I have, it’s eons ago anyway), but on my 18th birthday, one of my friend got me a really *ekhem* gift. Imagine the look on my face when I uncovered a huge jar of something resembling Nutella. Great I thought (I was actually happy to get a bottle of chocolate spread ok, don’t judge me!). But the label looked different. Must be some alternative brand. So I was scrutinizing the label and my eyes fell on ‘Instructions’. Like harlo, how hard can spreading jam be? Instructions for who? Idiots? Freaking ridiculous. But it turns out that I was that idiot because instead of reading ‘open jar and spread jam with a knife onto your toast’, it read along the lines of ‘heat chocolate before applying onto body’. Then something more ambiguous suggesting *cough cough* licking *cough cough* and *cough* tastes yummy *cough*. Dotz man. But I have to salute the girl for getting me such an unforgettable gift. As you would have guessed, it sat on my drawer, unsealed as new, well over it’s pass-by date. Now I come to think of it, I should have at least use it as a Nutella substitute right? Gross? Okay, that’s a bad idea. But you never know, might have tasted better=P So what’s the most kinky gift you’ve ever received? Tell me if you’ve got none up your sleeves cause I can always slip in one on your next birthday. It’s just over-the-counter *cough cough* rubber *cough cough* product afterall hahahaha.

p/s Now wouldn’t life be so much easier if everyone has a wishlist? That would have at least give me some sort of idea what to get. I’m thinking way toooo hard that it’s going to give me grays soon. Please submit your wishlist on the comment section (especially you Wendy and also Chian if possible lol) thank you very much.

pp/s That does not mean I will definitely follow your wishlist hahahaha. And please don’t write something ridiculous like passing this year because I’m no God, sorry.


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