Can’t think of a title lar…

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An extremely fruitful day. Hehehe. Went into the city to exchange my faulty bus tickets, returned something, and checked my own occlusion at Wendy’s place lol. Gah, I hate the smell of articulating papers – they’re like even worst than those inked sheet we use to make carbon copies! Don’t take this the wrong way hor Wendy, I’m more than happy to help you! Then went to lunch with Wendy and had ja jang meun in Seoul Express – it was delicious ^^ After that went back to check out this shoe store that was having sales. They had nice boots and I’m itching to have one at knee length, so we both looked at the section that was in sale. It read $30 and underneath it 2 for $50. Wah, super excited man. I just love cheap stuff ok. Plus this one is totally worth it lorrrr. Okla, I’m comforting myself for being such a sucker for on-sales item, but this one really is – I no bluff you one!!

Halfway through browsing….
My shopping companion (MSC): Wait, so one for $30 then two for $50. Is it one side for $30? And a pair for $50?
Me: Errrrrrrr…..
MSC: A pair for $30 then 2 pairs for $50?
Me: *lol* Duhhhh!! of course they meant in pairs.

Funny la, sibeh cute can die. Until the next time when I actually see a shop that sells shoes separately instead of by the pair, I don’t think I’ll ever stop paying you out la Wendy. Hahaha. But don’t worry, if I did see one, you’ll be the first I’ll think of and tell, FOR SURE. So continue with shopping, then we both decided to get a pair. I quickly jumped into brown, while Wendy’s fidgeting with grey and black ones. But we quickly jumped into conclusion that the grey one looks better because of this fishmonger image that constantly pop up into our heads with the black ones. I think the next time I see anyone wearing shiny glossy black boots – I’ll chuckle like kisiao. Sure hope that’s not going to be any of my patients….

Pardon the lousy resolution of my latest bargain and messy background. Sorry lar, instead of impressing y’all with expensive Prada(s) or latest gadgets *cough cough* piano *cough cough*, here at s0hp0h.blogspot is so cheapskate one…. Poor mah, boh bian. Plus everytime I see cheap stuff, something in them just keeeeeep luring me towards them and even though I don’t really like them, I still have this big rush over me, urging me to get it, like still waiting for whattttttt!! On top of that, there’s the massive price-cut psychology leh. Original price was like $70+ and now $25 wor, where to find!!! Sei mou, I think I’m turning into some aunty liao la with such mentality….. Help me~~

p/s Might want to head over HERE to cleanse the auntiness off you. Word is, new foosball (how the hell do you spell this word?) table coming soon.


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