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Wendy’s Surprise Birthday Party

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Backdated post: 16 May (2 days shy from her actual big 21st)
Venue: The Corner Bistrot, Leigh Street
Plan: Wendy thinking she’s having dinner with tiga orang, but instead, SEMUA orang is there, well, literally la..

My first time having French cuisine! We were all heaps excited about the food, anticipating it weeks before, ogling over the menu and everything sounded so nice. We were stoked as to what dish to pick, I was at least. It turns out that all dishes were really yummy. One small glitch is that the chef is kind of rude and angry since we have soooo many people (21 to celebrate with Wendy) and the orders were messed up. It’s not our fault though. He made it sound like we are a stupid bunch who cannot differentiate steak and lamb. With the dim lighting plus first experience, I’ll be lucky to even tell chicken and fish apart. Other than that, the fine dining experience was real good, aside it’s killer prices, and the night was heaps fun. Now prepare yourself for visual bombardment…


Xyn, Viv, Jovi

Poser Han and Chun
Ying and friends visiting from S’pore

To pass 3rd year~ (Yes, pictures not in chronological order)
Dila, Chun, Allan, Asma, Conor

Safia, Marya

Yinan, Peng, Soph

Jovi, Allan
Bday chick, Heshani, Dila
Conor, Sid

Wendy with our ‘full of surprise’ present

Surprise (2)!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy, delicious cake from 10 James St ppl





Group pic

The end…. Are you blind yet? lol.. There’s actually a lot more, but I can’t be bothered, just want to finish this post and also, I don’t think your eyes will be too saturated liao, you see, for you all’s sake niaaaa

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No such thing as cheap dentistry

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Just back from a consultation for my extractions, which turned into a general exam instead, and X-rays taking. Zzz. Then came all the findings of this decay, that decay, and you need this, this and bla bla bla. Zzz. You think if a real dentist tells you something like that, you will jump ahead a believe it right, but I felt somewhat skeptical. I know I’m just a student who has no qualifications to judge the diagnosis but when you have had it (cavitation) all along and had been seen by a lot of dentists and dental students, you’ll definitely think twice. I just have my doubts lor since I was convinced it’s fluoride-related rather than caries. No wonder people say dentistry is scary, since you can go to Dr A who says your teeth are fine, then you can go to Dr B with a total 180. I’m not saying Dr B has to be wrong because Dr A may have well missed it. But then I’m sure a lot of people out there have had a Dr B before, thinking they’re trying to rip you off with the humongous amount of fillings that isn’t necessary. Which isn’t always the case I should stress.

So my consultation with the extractions weren’t discussed, much to my disappointment because that’s what I really went in for. And the worst it yet to come. OMG the bill. I forgot to bring money this morning so I borrowed some from Wendy (thanks!!) thinking it should be enough with the amount of cash I have, plus my ATM if necessary. But I was totally OUT of range by like 100% T-T. I always knew dentistry is expensive, but not THIS expensive omg. It think it really has come to a point that it’s ridiculous lor. One little radiograph costs 40+ and I had 4 taken. And to make things worst, none of them were related to the teeth being extracted. And I’m going to need to get 4 teeth out, harlo, that means four more laaaaaaaaa if they decided to take more. I don’t understand why I got two PA(s) instead of one (on the same area OMG) because I only needed one. There goes 40+ for nothing. My money doesn’t fall from the sky ler wtf. And all the other treatment that I ‘needed’ leh? And my extractions leh? But if I followed the plan, I would end up forking extra 1000, on top of my ortho fee zzz. Maybe it has been this pricey all along, just that I never realised it. If the 3rd year patients all get charged like this, the hospital would not require any funding already, super self-sufficient ok.

Sighs. I really don’t know if I should go ahead with it or what. I mean the excess treatment la. Of course I’ll get my teeth extracted la, have to – but maybe not at that place anymore. It’s more expensive than all the ones I’ve heard and I really should help save some money ffs.

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I hate rainy days…

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when it’s dark (at 5 something, so early *&$@*&^%#%&!$+ pffft) and cold.

when I don’t have a blardy umbrella.

when I have many big fat ulcer(s) on my cheeks – ok I know that’s irrelevant..

when I’m not wearing boots or sport shoes but instead, my lousy flats that sink into the puddle of water like Titanic.

when my overly long pants that I couldn’t be bother to get them hemmed properly soak up the rain water, trying to do it’s bit in saving water for the long drought.

also my pants sweeping the fallen autumn leaves on the path to make life easier for others.

when I want to listen to songs but is scared of dying a horrible death as a result of rain + electrical appliances. I did anyway =) If not….

ESPECIALLY when some drunktard walked around terrorising the people and sang ‘don’t turn your back on me~~~~’ out loud. Wtf. Did I already mentioned it’s just around 5-ish and this dude’s sooooo smashed, and still holding a bottle of liquor.

when I just washed my hair the day before aihs… Washing long hair takes a lot of effort neh.

when the bus doesn’t come after what seems like a thousand years.

and when it finally comes, it’s so full and wet and, ah well, at least it didn’t zoom pass me with the ‘Sorry, No pick up’ sign, gotta be thankful for that.

when it’s still raining after I got down the bus stop.

The only redemption for the day is that I did well in clinic today ^^ I lurve my tutor, he’s too kind hehe, and thanks Wendy for assisting me!!! And to be fair, thanks to QQ too for assisting, just in case if ‘dia’ (I should use this to substitute he/him/she/her since it doesn’t suggest the gender) happened to chance through the blog, I can somewhat redeemed myself for all the ekhem.. Yea..

p/s OMFG, I made pancakes today from scratch. I’m so proud of myself – I know it’s easy and nothing to be proud of, but at least now I can save myself 2 bucks from buying the mix-ins. Got the recipe from here, try it!! If I “the one who cook maggi noodles with microwave” can do it, harlo, ANYONE can! Too bad I don’t have honey, zzz, I KNOW, who’s house doesn’t have honey right, sighs. So I served it with butter and sugar – still tastes good ^^ The only problem is, I cannot finish leh…

p/ps I know it looks ugly but the most important thing is it’s soft and edible. Plus, first attempt mah, quite good already loh..

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I love weekends!!!

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A lil update on my Ortho Tx: Day 5 – the pain is mostly gone except for a few teeth, mainly at the back, so I can eat better now. But since I can’t chew with my front teeth and not really at the back, I am still avoiding hard food. Life is so full of restrictions when you are on braces. Sophia!!! Must really prepared yourself mentally and physically. But I think you’ll be fine haha. Won’t be complaining as much as I do. The whole morning yesterday, there’s something bugging me in my mouth. But I couldn’t find anything in the mirror, how annoying! It must be one of those really fine fibre from the tissue or floss or whatever that got caught either between the teeth or the brackets itself. It’s tickling my palate and I tried multiple attempts to swallow it. Didn’t really work so it persisted the entire day until I finally got home and brush my teeth. While the pain’s gone (mostly), I have really screwed up my cheek lining T-T. It’s like a collection of ulcers + cuts. My cheek also appeared ridiculously thicker (don’t know whether it was like this all along or what, I didn’t notice anyway, but it sure is chubby!!). And I did utilized the wax!! Not as much as the dentist would have liked probably but I didn’t put it on during night time since I’m not moving my mouth so much in sleep, so there’s no reason to subject myself to more wax consumption. They’re gross ok! But probably can make one lose weight lol. Since you are consuming the bulk of wax – must be really full and yet you don’t absorb any calories eh. Please do not try this at home.

Speaking of calories, I had KFC twice for the past two days. Large potato and gravy. So long to the idea of losing weight while on braces yea. After lunch, the funny feeling in the mouth was taking it’s toll on me, so I asked for a gum from Yinan. Before she took it out, I realised, oh no, I can’t. Sighs. Not when I am still in pain and imagine when the gum gets caught in between the wires and as I chewed, it tugged on it hence, pulling the bracket at the same time. Oh, even thinking about it makes me shudder. Went to Dental Talent Show last night, it was great fun hehe. It’s funny to see all those Dent people displaying their talent outside of the fields of Dentistry. But also kind of disheartening at the same time to realise that I have no talent or whatsoever. Zzz. The only thing I can think of now is, I can whistle the ‘feeeeee’ sound with braces on. But Sophia kept asking me to stop, saying it’s a form of parafunction. See how we all have succumbed to the pains of occlusal analysis. Then during the show, Wendy offered me gum. I was about to slide my fingers into the little packet but I backed out, exclaiming (a bit too loud probably) “Are you trying to KILLLLLL me?” Lol. Sorry Wendy, a bit exaggerating hor haha. Then after the show, we went to have soft cone ice-cream since I need to wait quite long till the next bus comes (Thanks Sophia and Wendy for accompanying me). I was happily licking away the vanilla milky mixture until I got down to the cone level. Zzz. I forgot about the damn CONE. How to eat? I did anyway, breaking it off with my fingers and finally just try breaking it with my lips and back teeth. I just can’t be bothered anymore =)

p/s Going to watch Gossip Girl finale so that I won’t have to get taunted with spoilers again.

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Ortho Tx: Day 3

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Too many sleepless nights~~~ But sadly, this ain’t part of a song – it is indeed what’s happened to me now *pulls hair out*. I think I’m going crazy soon. I took panadol last night, thinking it will be the cure to my insomnia, obviously not. I think I’m trying too hard to sleep. I think I’m falling into a vicious cycle of sleeplessness. It usually happens asymptomatically, but roughly around exams or in this case, braces. Though I have to admit I cannot totally blame it on the braces because I slept through the worst tummy pain ever and managed to sleep till it’s gone. So this amount of mediocre pain (when at rest hor I mean, when I bite together is a totally different story liao) really is no reason inhibiting me from sleeping. I need some sort of hypnotic therapy lol. Just woke up from 4 hours of nap. I still feel sort of tired neh. I think I napped too long. My lack of sleep is really apparent due to the tiredness of my face – I wasn’t able to shake it off and just doze through one of the lectures today.

I tried hard to focus because it’s given by a good lecturer and I really want to listen for the first time zz. Waited for the next lecture about test review and then the class started debating on whether we should have MCQ(s) in the exam or not. I’m surprised some people said no la. Cause I thought it’s one of the best form of exams. Hello, if I dunno anything, ‘tembak’ I still have a 25% chance ok. No one says no to this kind of assessment. Then came the twist. The MCQ(s) might have more than one correct answer and you may need to circle 2 of the choices. It’s not like back in secondary school with a) I then b) I and II. No no no. I’m talking about ques with just a, b, c ,d and you have to work out yourself how many answers there are. Wahlao. That totally woke me up. Coming from a person who broke the Guiness World Record of 10+ minutes for one lecture slide!!! What an irony.

Then people started getting more pissed and argued, argued. The thing is, we were in the middle of finishing the test review and how I wished we could just finish it then you guys can argue till bao la, then I can just go home and sleep T-T. But no, it went on and on and then someone who appeared to be very confident with this newly formed MCQ format piped, “Why are you guys complaining, just study HARDER”. Meh diu. And to hear that being said to the group of people (object MCQ one la) who probably studied the MOST in the class, I felt insulted on their part lor. Wtf. But then anyway, not that I care much though I really would have preferred MCQ with one single answer instead of ambiguous question with multiple answers (didn’t even stated strongly whether the limit is going to be two or not. Can be 3/5 even =.=). Cause in the end, I’ll probably forget there’s more than one answer and just settle with one.

After the drama, I went for lunch and got myself a big tub of mash potatoes from KFC. Ah, the heaven for braces. Not much of chewing required and still have a fantastic taste. What more could I have asked for? Totally happy after lunch! At least it redeemed my thoughts on braces – it doesn’t suck too bad…. for now!

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Ortho Tx: Day 2

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I woke up like a zombie after what seemed like five minutes of sleep. Sighs. I hate waking up in the middle of the night. And it took me quite long to fall asleep. Although my teeth didn’t really hurt that much, it got really sore during the night. Sheesh. I should have taken that panadol. I thought I don’t need it because I’m going to be sleeping anyway. So really shouldn’t drug myself when I’m not going to feel a thing and use it in the morning instead. Don’t know whether it’s psychological or what, but that choice kept me up then entire night. Never felt so sleepy before in lectures. But I found that I wouldn’t have taken it in the day anyway because my mind’s focused on other things so the soreness won’t really bother me. Except for UW’s lecture this morning. OMG. I felt soooo frustrated towards UW that I almost wish I can just freaking knocked UW off alive. Especially when UW kept going on and on and on and on. Never ending useless rant. SIBEH *(^*%^~_+*^*%#&*$@. So I end up kept fidgeting with my brackets, feeling that they’re poking annoyingly on my mucosa and since I’m bored, I just placed some wax over the brackets there and then. I can feel multiple ulcers developing already.

Despite the soreness, I’m happy in a way because that means my teeth are moving. And they are. The gap between my 21 and 22 already closed up quite tightly and before there’s like a 3mm overjet or something (Wendy‘s occlusion report, 2008). Now it’s only 1-2mm. Just one night leh. I’m impressed. But in pain at the same time. Eating is horrible. My lunch was barely eaten with only the cheese ended up edible. The rest (bread, meat) was difficult to swallow. Bread was okay actually, but the thought of having to dissolve it entirely with saliva before swallowing is disgusting. Plus it’s tasteless. I hate hate hateee tasteless food. What’s the point of eating if I cannot taste????!! And dinner was not much better, thought the soup helped a lot. Felt much better. Oh and ice-cream helps too lolol. Hey, I’m supposed to be losing weight okay, Sophia, you soooo shouldn’t have tempt me. Or was it me who suggested it in the first place? Gah, but it felt so good to be able to eat something that numbs the pain. I felt alive again hehehe. And after the salt water rinse, it felt much much better. It’s such a cheap cure. Whoever who says salt is not good for you, I propose for you to be placed under this Tx right away lol.

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Ortho Tx: Day 1

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Today shall go down as part of the history books because….. s0hp0h’s officially tied down. Hmm. That sounded a bit wrong. What I really mean is – I’ve now got brackets on my teeth, tied down by wires. Gasps. I’m probably one of the latest in my course to take the plunge, everyone else did it a gazillion years ago. So the process took around 1 hour and a half and the orthodontist probably only showed up er, 25 minutes of it? Intermittently. The rest were done by hygienist and other dentist. The orthodontist has to check the position of the brackets before they were ‘light-cured’ and then check the final wiring. It’s probably because the practice is very busy, hence the procedure is divided into parts. You can see people switching between rooms and patients. Quite funny lol.

As you can see – upper ceramic and lower metal brackets. Poor resolution, partly due to lousy camera, and I don’t want you guys to see too detail lol. Get an idea can d la ya haha..

The procedure was long and boring. My mouth was jacked open with a plastic frame and my tongue was inserted into this little box. Very difficult to insert it. I held the mirror, trying to do it, but everytime I move my tongue, it pokes up helplessly on top of the box sitting on the floor of the mouth. I felt like a retard – can’t even follow simple directions. Then I realised, I just have to relax my tongue – and then it will sit perfectly into the box. Zzz. With the device on, it’s quite difficult to swallow. But if I coughed, the whole device would probably fly out of my mouth haha.

So the big question – is it painful??? So far not really. At rest – it doesn’t even feel like it’s there. But when I bite together, they do feel a bit under pressure and weirdly, one of my premolar which is unbonded (going to be extracted soon) hurts like hell. So painful. Just that one tooth. And it’s not even attached to the wire. In my case, I got the braces done before extractions. And hence, the wire only runs anterior to the tooth to be extracted. My molars weren’t attached to the wire yet, so I guess that’s why I’m not in a lot of pain. But I naively thought I can eat like normal. But eating was bad. Cause everytime I bite down – that stupid weird premolar hurts. Zz. And I seemed to have lost some sense of proprioception. My mouth feels so bulky that with food – I can’t really tell what’s food and what’s not. It’s really funny. I wasn’t able to chew properly. After some lazy bites, I just swallow it. Easy solution. I sure hope I don’t choke yea.

After dinner I went to check in the mirror as I can feel a lot of food stuck under the brackets. And there sure was. A lot of tofu lor. Everywhere. Yer. I don’t want to eat tofu in public d. Food didn’t taste as nice as it used to be T-T. Maybe God is giving me a chance to finally cut down some food and lose some weight already!! Lol. And when I speak, I think I’m lisping somehow. Have this weird ‘airy’ quality to some words. But not when I’m speaking Chinese. Only English. I wished it was the other way round. Find it kind of awkward when I communicate now, especially with angmohs. Very self-conscious. And I think the bulkiness of the braces resulted to my ‘newly’ incompetent lips. But I can’t be sure. Maybe it’s just me? And after I smile, my buccal mucosa tend to get caught on the canine brackets. I cannot close!! It’s not painful, but should put some wax for preventive measures. Anyway, that’s it for the first treatment. Oh, and the orthodontist called later too. So sweet haha. Maybe I should do that to my patients – especially when I screwed things up badly zzz. Hope that day never comes.

p/s Will I easily pass through metal-detectors in airport now? I wonder…

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