So bored that I blogged

s0hMood > *bored*

I’m so bored that I seriously did everything I could!! Blog hopped as always. Got my weekly dose of e-news. Listened to lots and lots of songs. Watched some episodes of Coffee Prince – yala yalaaaa, I am still watching this show which has been over since like forever. I just lost the drive to finish my dramas quickly these days. Soph says that’s a sign of aging – whatever la girl lol you are still just 1 tiny month younger than me only, actually no, it’s only 9 days! See I’m not so old afterall. It’s kind of weird that I’m going to turn 22 soon and to think I lived 22 years of my life doing the stuff I’ve been doing – I really haven’t achieved much have I? Not that there’s anything I can do about it.

WHY so sien one? Aiyo.

Not up to much lately. Went to Soph’s place yesterday with Wendy. Don’t know why I’m there also lol. We bought lunch then watched this Korean variety show showing public talents. Wa, what do Koreans eat to be able to add and minus 10 figured numbers in less than 10 seconds? That Ahjumma’s brain had totally beat the calculator hands down. Then there was this dude who can break takeaway chopsticks with his butt. He can even bend a spoon with it. Before you go on and imagine how the hell he does it, lemme just tell you the other end of the object was held by his hand la. And the other end is between his ass cheek lor. How do one even realise they have such talent la? It’s not like you go and shove stuff up your butt crack everyday right? Weird dude. Totally weird.

Then we played the dancing mat and the Korean version was slightly different to PS ones. They go diagonally instead of up, down, right and left. Super confused lor. And super difficult to jump in between diagonals. But it was real fun though lol. I think I should hunt one in Malaysia next time – sibeh good exercise. After just a few turns, I’m soaked with sweat liao. Such a good cardio workout. Who needs to go out and jog in the cold when you can jump here there in the comforts of your own heated living room?

Then we watched ‘Secret’ which Soph’s sis had borrowed from her friend. Started watching a lil bit, then started realize something really wrong. The stupid subtitles are impossible. Freaking ridiculous. I just knew it’s a pirated disc from Malaysia. Have to be! I can just imagine those lala VCD seller sitting in front of the same laptop they used to sell pirated ringtones in night market, trying to translate the Chinese words to English. And when they don’t understand it, they just go google language tool and translate word by word. Ah, oh so convenient. But like no one can freaking understand ok? Me as a Malaysian who speaks rojak English also cannot understand some of the subtitles lo. Can you imagine how wth-ish it was for Soph and her sis? Sibeh sweat lo. So we gave up in the middle – it was really really horrible. Seriously. If any VCD seller happens to chance through this page, can you please spread the word to your colleagues – whoever who did subtitles for ‘Secret’ really should just keep it a secret.


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