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I just finished watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl, ah, the anticipation. I sooo addicted to it and have been waiting for it since like forever and finally, the season is up and running again. No thanks to the writers’ strike. Sien la, I know it’s for a good cause, they’re are not paid very well and all, but can they try doing it without putting my favourite show in the entire universe on the line? I hope the strike won’t happen again, hmm. Sometimes I wonder why strikes happened so often in Western countries. I’ve seen quite a few protests in front of the Parlimentary building in Adelaide and it’s quite funny sometimes. Some even take it to the roads. Fully chanting and stuff. The people here seems to be complaining of their ‘low’ pay all the time. Teachers. Nurses. Doctors. If only they know what the pay is like in other countries that they will finally give up. Some even threaten to not turn up to work. Imagine a hospital without nurses. Sometimes I really wonder why are those nurses complaining of low pay when they in fact have one of the highest pay I know with the amount of training they had. They only need to study for 3 years and it’s not like they’re diagnosing or anything. Just taking blood pressure and stuff. They’re different to enrolled nurses who have to do patient’s dirty laundry and yet they get much higher pay. I just don’t see how that works la. Maybe they work long hours? Ah well, I just think if you want to protest, by all means do that, but don’t let it affect other people. Especially when you are a trained professional, it kind of does very little to the reputation if you end up choosing protest over a patient’s life. That is just low.

Can’t wait for the next EP~~~~

And it’s also annoying when some people just keep complaining endlessly about the Government when imo they are doing quite a good job. Maybe because I’ve had worst. Plus the people in Western countries are much more ‘kepo’ in a sense that they not only protest on their behalf, but also other peoples. Like for the Tibetans. Don’t know what’s the issue there (I’m not pro nor anti because I have no idea what’s really going on, so I decided not to pick a side until I’m clear about it) and those people around the world kept interrupting the torch relay. So so funny. They don’t mind getting into trouble for someone/thing totally unrelated to them and in the end, they were shrugged off with cold shoulders. Sibeh wu liao. I have the typical Malaysian mentality I know. Raise your hand if your parent’s didn’t tell you to just mind your own business and don’t be such a busybody. But I do feel that at least it meant they are compassionate and care about the world ba. I guess it’s good to have these people around then so the world won’t be such a heartless place.

What I do find funny though, is when the torch was reaching Malaysia and the news was saying how they increased the number of police officers in case ‘something’ happened. I immediately think it was unnecessary because for one, Malaysia is not a place where you can protest lol (see what happened to Bersih and Hindraf) and two, Malaysians don’t care enough. I know I’m generalising a bit, but I would say MOST don’t even bother with shit happening in their very own country, what more people in other countries? And people who do care will be kept busy with the country’s own agenda, other countries are just OUT of question. And in the end, the relay was a success. I KNEW IT LOL. Though it was mentioned in one letter sent in by a reader on The Star that a couple with a kid was going to unroll a flag or banner or something and got stared pretty harshly by surrounding cheery public. They then quickly folded it back. So if you think some Malaysians do care, you are wrong, because that was a Japanese couple LOL.


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