The tales of shopping..

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Constant blogging. Because of this bored person who keep pestering me to blog. Next day, blog. Next hour, blog. Next minute, BLOG. Almost like my mother liao. Except mum asks me to study. Anyhoo, have tis sudden spur to blog because I found something…

These days, I’ve been browsing a lottt of clothes online, and I mean A LOT. They are like so cheap and eversince Xyn gave me the website of this wholesaler from HK (see la, I always share cheap stuff with you all, so you know who to buy a dinner for, with your newly saved spare change) there’s no turning back baby. So we collaboratively (along with other shopfreak chicks) placed our very first order, yayy! Can’t wait for it to arrive heheheheehehe. They look heaps pretty… I seriously think I’m turning into some OCD freak ler. I can just look at them for hours without buying anything. Yala, I’m thrifty, but it’s a good virtue ok, ya’ll should learn lol.

So anyway, I’ve been looking up a lot of these websites selling a range of stuff, even found this one that sells Shiseido masks for just SGD1. And if you buy more, it gets cheaper too! I really wonder where they get their stock from. If only they’re generous enough to share. I swear I won’t publicize it here to ruin their business, reallyyyy *puppy eyes* (Yinan did said the other day I look like ‘Teddy’, which is her very much praised dog T-T, so sure got resemblance right? hahaha)

Then I was reading Kenny Sia’s blog advertising another online shopping site and it’s from Malaysia. Quite good to see stuff in Ringgit finally. It’s daunting to buy things in USD lor.. I think la. Then was browsing through their stuff, nothing like what I’ve seen I must admit. The stuff I saw in other sites are usually similar to the wholesaler. This one is a bit different, though you can sort of tell the style are similar, very soft and mellow. I’m usually more into accessories and bags cause they are the ones which will definitely FIT lol so to avoid any mishaps, those are the number one investments. Shoes are the worst I think. Difficult to try. But Yinan successfully bought a fair few from Taiwanese ebay, and turned out super nice. Ahhh~~

ANYWAY, what I’m going to say IS… I saw this bag from the site…
Now classmates, tell me where have you seen this? Eh, the bag, not the model ok! Lol… Wanna buy it cheaper? Ask ME LOL. Don’t want to ruin their business ma, must be quite fun to own online shop ya ^^ I want to toooooooo, one day… Wait till I become a filthy rich dentist and like like like, buy all the clothes and like like, keep it all for myself. And you say, cannot la, then you have the two of everything. No worries man, Xyn will take the half I’m sure!! Okla, sorry for such a bimbotic post.. This is so not what you wanted hor bored person??


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