As requested: Trilogy of.. watever?

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Once upon a time, there’s a witch called s0hp0h. A semi-evil witch who practices the ‘Odontospell’. Normal peasants come to her for help, numbing them of all their pain and problems, making the world seemed beautiful all over again. They thought they’ve got a bargain since the service is totally free. Unknown to them, s0hp0h the witch is secretly possessing their souls by injecting them with the so-called magic potion. Okla wtf, I’m not even doing peado yet, so leave those for next year. But this story should be buried here and forever or else, I don’t think my lil patients will come back to me -.-”

So I had clinic and it was ok. Did two GIC (my first white filling on patients!!) then did an oral exam on a new patient. Was quite good, except the fact I dropped a H/S diamond into the patient’s mouth. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank God the tutor wasn’t next to me at that time LOL. This gush of panic just swarmed over me as I see the bur wandering around the palate, threatening to fall into the throat, OMG and I quickly said, Don’t swallowwwwwwwww. And tried to fish it out with my pathetic gloved fingers. Patient proceeded to close mouth, I was like going shit shit shitttt inside. But patient was super smart, managed to move the bur out with his tongue in a supine position. Lucky lucky. Cannot stress moreee the importance of rubber dam. Boh bian la in this case, tooth to be clamped is too far back. Plus was only small restorations. Oh my. Luckily that was the end of it.

Other than that, went to ‘Korea’ Restaurant for Korean BBQ on Goodwood Rd yesterday, thanks Yinan for driving. It was really yummy, except the service was shithouse. Like seriously, the waitress serving us has some sort of grudge against us LOR, she was fully smiling to other tables, but then when served us, super nonchalant and even a bit rude at times. If she’s nice, then I won’t mind helping her putting the dishes down la, but she’s not then she still expected US to grab what she shoved to us. Sibeh want to smack her in the face. I come here and eat, pay somemore and you give me that shitass attitude, wtf man. And the owner (I presume he is la) was like that too. He’s not very polite and wasn’t smiling either. But to other tables, he sibeh friendly like no other lo. Then we figured it’s because the rest are mainly Caucasian(s). I seriously don’t understand lo. What’s with some Asians who totally idolised Westerners and dissing their own compatriots? I’m not asking you to give me favourable treatment or anything, just expected an equal service lor. And yet you (the boss) looked like you didn’t really care that we’re there. Why? Cause we don’t spend as much as other people? Or because the place is so busy that you simply don’t value us as your customers? I hate to say this, but I just think you’re plain racist. Zzzz. Do me a favour, put a sign in front of your shop, ‘NO ASIANS ALLOWED’ and I’ll be sure not to step into your shop EVER again. A new shop is opening soon one Gouger St and I sure hope they get ALL your business, you ungrateful thing. Grrrr..

And then we went to Elephant Walk for dessert and it was all full and we couldn’t get a table. The waitress was also quite frustrated and didn’t offer us to wait even. It’s just so NOT our day man. Then we walked down the street to check out any other nice place, guess what, there’s nothing. Dotz. So went back and wahlaaa, manage to get one. Sibeh happy. The waitress became real nice too. Strange. We all concluded we got our luck back. And the strawberry waffle was really good. Mmmmmm… The ice-cream on top with two fluffy waffles layered with cream and strawberries finished with strawberry syrup. It’s not like those artificial syrup, it doesn’t taste as sweet and you can almost taste the real strawberries they used to make the syrup. Highly recommended!!! The ice coffee was really pretty and nice too, except I’m not a bit fan of the bitter coffee taste. Ice chocolate is similar so that should be good too. I got Mango tea and it smells really nice. But tasted like normal tea. Haha, what do I expect la, but it was nice. So that sums up my weekend…


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