La, la la la la, la la la~~~

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It’s one of those days where I have nothing to blog but still chose to blog because… There’s nothing else to do. Lol. Anyhow, I didn’t want to talk about clinic or lab or school cause it’s kind of overtalked d. No? Wait a while till I get back to doing those ‘no-life’ posts. Hmm. Just to show I really do HAVE a life, I spend all day watching “Bull Fighting” and munching away Cheese and Onion chips (my super favourite). Zzz. You’re disappointed aren’t you? Me too… Imagine if I only have ten more days to live and I spent one of the precious day this way, it seems like I’m insulting life itself. But choi choiiiiii *touch wood* I want to live to 100 years old thank you very much. Kla, maybe not that old, 90 la ok, 10% discount!

Oh oh oh, I found a super interesting site. Before you go what what what, it’s interesting for me, doesn’t mean it will be for you. So click at own risk. Haha… Now you karaoke craze people, please pay attention. Now you can sing for free at home, within the comforts of your PJs and eat whatever you want (provided you actually have it at home) and most importantly, stand on top of the chair without any camera surveillance (also provided that you mum din spy on you with CCTV). You’ll need to have the software that allows you to read Chinese characters though. It will only be fun if you have a above average internet connection which allows the songs to load fast. It was ok in my case. But it will be heaps more fun if you have a kickass stereo system with a super cool microphone. With that, you are on your way to open your very own mini karaoke cubicle, 3 bucks per hour! Feel free to rip people off with the compulsory 9 bucks per ONE tinyyyy plate of tidbits, compromise of cheapass nuts and equally cheapass double decker prawn crackers (like Neway).

Printscreen: this is to show Sophia how Jay Chou used to look like LOLOLOL

So you will need to register an account, which is free and after you login, you can start singing away liao. And the best thing is, after you finish loaded one song, you don’t have to load it again the next time. Not sure how long they are kept for though (maybe for life?), cause I only started yesterday night. And today it was still there. And it helps to save the playlist on the bottom left corner (I’m surprise a banana like me can figure it out man) so that you don’t have to go through the tedious process of looking for previous songs again. It’s a bit difficult to find a song, but simple enough not to make you go crazy. So far, I quite like it. I shall keep it until I become filthy rich so that I can set up my ‘mini cubicle’ in the future lolol. If you’ve got shit connection, you can choose to just load MP3 version. I prefer MTV version cause I hate looking at fake MV(s) compromising of sceneries, boobs and what’s not. Most of the songs have pretty good quality, I’m pretty surprised, but there’s a fair few with weird background music. If you did get it, look for ‘Zai Shen Hua’ under Kelly Chen and you’ll get what I mean. I know it’s kind of stupid to sing at home but it’s quite fun to try out whatever song you want before you actually sing it in karaoke. No?


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