So far this week…

s0hMood > *angry*

  1. I got canceled by one patient – maybe scared of me liao. But I swear she was still smiling at the end of the last appointment wor. Anyhow, became DA for numerous people – now I think I shouldn’t really stress about time management because it seems like everyone else doing fillings have ONLY finish doing cavity prep at 2.45ish and suppose to finish the whole filling by 3pm. God only knows how they manage to fill it within 15 minutes, carve, cure whatever, polish, check occlusion etc (ydnew, I’m not talking about u ok, I din even need to help u oso that day)
  2. Went into perio sessions, gah it took sooooo much out of me just to clean 4 teeth. OMG. You have no idea. And the ultrasonic work like shit and the hand scalers sucked even more – although that’s partly my fault due to poor instrumentation. But they are at fault too for providing us super blunt scalers. Wanna kill chicken also kenot ok!!!! I felt so much better after the tutor commented it’s a difficult case. Phew. Cause I seriously think I’m doing bad in perio lor. I hate it so much ler, I cannot comprehend people who want to specialize in this area – so so boring.
  3. I lost my pencil case. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I get so anal when I lose something I think I’m developing some sort of OCD. I cannot even concentrate during the morning lecture cause I’m playing back all the events thinking where the heck did I lose it. I somehow felt that I dropped it in the bus because I took it out. But then I’m not too sure. Then I think back further – at home? lecture theater? Turns out it’s not at home T-T Sigh… I hate losing STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if it’s not important, I just have to find it so that I can THROW it away. Did I make my point already????
  4. Finally finished the oral part of my occlusion assignment!!!! So so relieved. For those who want to know, it was pretty good, though the facilitator did asked some pretty difficult questions. But he mentioned that we won’t be penalised if we don’t know the answer. We’re assessed for the whole component (written and oral) so don’t get too nervous yea pplz!! Good luck!!!!! I’m sure you guys will do well.
  5. Went to Jay Jay’s with Dila, she suggested first. So I mah just go in and see see lor. Then spotted super cheap tops. 3 for $10. HOW to NOT buy you tell me??? It’s pretty decent tops and were of reasonable quality – unlike Cotton On which I’ve got to admit has quite poor quality stuff for stuff that’s really cheap. So yea, I shared with Dila, she got one and I got two. Mine’s of the same style, just different colours. Because they weren’t a large selection and I didn’t really like the rest. So yea. My first time getting two same thing. Weird. But FUN. At least that took my mind of the stupid pencil case for a minute.
  6. I am STILL very bothered by my missing pencil case that I cannot be bothered to proofread this SHIT. Sorry.
  7. Just want to make a note that wah, for the very first time (I never though I would), I’m actually sick of Facebook. Sien.
  8. Going to Corner Bistrot with ppl. Yea….
  9. I really need to get my mind off stupid useless piece of cloth with stationeries in it. Off to watch series. Chiao~

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  1. 1

    Dental Girl said,

    I totally understand that feeling of losing something and replaying events to attempt to uncover how the hell did you manage to do such a stupid thing.

    The last time I did that, I proceeded to also lose my scarf due to the distraction of my mind, causing me to walk out of computer lab without taking it with me.

    It was a great day.

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    It’s funny how my mind get bogged up over such a small thing. Thank God I don’t lose my stuff often, especially expensive stuff. I have friends who lost their phones umpteenth times already – I’m surprised they haven’t gone crazy yet

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