Ortho Tx: Day 1

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Today shall go down as part of the history books because….. s0hp0h’s officially tied down. Hmm. That sounded a bit wrong. What I really mean is – I’ve now got brackets on my teeth, tied down by wires. Gasps. I’m probably one of the latest in my course to take the plunge, everyone else did it a gazillion years ago. So the process took around 1 hour and a half and the orthodontist probably only showed up er, 25 minutes of it? Intermittently. The rest were done by hygienist and other dentist. The orthodontist has to check the position of the brackets before they were ‘light-cured’ and then check the final wiring. It’s probably because the practice is very busy, hence the procedure is divided into parts. You can see people switching between rooms and patients. Quite funny lol.

As you can see – upper ceramic and lower metal brackets. Poor resolution, partly due to lousy camera, and I don’t want you guys to see too detail lol. Get an idea can d la ya haha..

The procedure was long and boring. My mouth was jacked open with a plastic frame and my tongue was inserted into this little box. Very difficult to insert it. I held the mirror, trying to do it, but everytime I move my tongue, it pokes up helplessly on top of the box sitting on the floor of the mouth. I felt like a retard – can’t even follow simple directions. Then I realised, I just have to relax my tongue – and then it will sit perfectly into the box. Zzz. With the device on, it’s quite difficult to swallow. But if I coughed, the whole device would probably fly out of my mouth haha.

So the big question – is it painful??? So far not really. At rest – it doesn’t even feel like it’s there. But when I bite together, they do feel a bit under pressure and weirdly, one of my premolar which is unbonded (going to be extracted soon) hurts like hell. So painful. Just that one tooth. And it’s not even attached to the wire. In my case, I got the braces done before extractions. And hence, the wire only runs anterior to the tooth to be extracted. My molars weren’t attached to the wire yet, so I guess that’s why I’m not in a lot of pain. But I naively thought I can eat like normal. But eating was bad. Cause everytime I bite down – that stupid weird premolar hurts. Zz. And I seemed to have lost some sense of proprioception. My mouth feels so bulky that with food – I can’t really tell what’s food and what’s not. It’s really funny. I wasn’t able to chew properly. After some lazy bites, I just swallow it. Easy solution. I sure hope I don’t choke yea.

After dinner I went to check in the mirror as I can feel a lot of food stuck under the brackets. And there sure was. A lot of tofu lor. Everywhere. Yer. I don’t want to eat tofu in public d. Food didn’t taste as nice as it used to be T-T. Maybe God is giving me a chance to finally cut down some food and lose some weight already!! Lol. And when I speak, I think I’m lisping somehow. Have this weird ‘airy’ quality to some words. But not when I’m speaking Chinese. Only English. I wished it was the other way round. Find it kind of awkward when I communicate now, especially with angmohs. Very self-conscious. And I think the bulkiness of the braces resulted to my ‘newly’ incompetent lips. But I can’t be sure. Maybe it’s just me? And after I smile, my buccal mucosa tend to get caught on the canine brackets. I cannot close!! It’s not painful, but should put some wax for preventive measures. Anyway, that’s it for the first treatment. Oh, and the orthodontist called later too. So sweet haha. Maybe I should do that to my patients – especially when I screwed things up badly zzz. Hope that day never comes.

p/s Will I easily pass through metal-detectors in airport now? I wonder…


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  1. 1

    Anonymous said,

    You’re getting it done in Australia? Isn’t that going to be expensive?

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    yea.. It is expensive, but I have lil choice. Because if I get it done in Malaysia, it will be difficult to find an orthodontist here to follow up the case to tighten the wire and repairs etc. Because the price is usually quoted as a bundle, one off payment for the whole procedure.

  3. 3

    Anonymous said,

    Oh yeah, true..
    So how much is it for your braces and how long is it going to take before you can take them off?

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    it’s around 4k and going to take one and a half years – but then it also depends on how well the teeth move, so hopefully mine takes quicker ^^

  5. 5

    carine said,

    then price is almost the same in here also..hehe.i also wan to braces for my teeth…after u graduate…u help me la..


  6. 6

    s0hp0h said,

    lol normal dentist kenot do one.. have to go to orthodontists only can..

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