Ortho Tx: Day 2

s0hMood > *toothache*

I woke up like a zombie after what seemed like five minutes of sleep. Sighs. I hate waking up in the middle of the night. And it took me quite long to fall asleep. Although my teeth didn’t really hurt that much, it got really sore during the night. Sheesh. I should have taken that panadol. I thought I don’t need it because I’m going to be sleeping anyway. So really shouldn’t drug myself when I’m not going to feel a thing and use it in the morning instead. Don’t know whether it’s psychological or what, but that choice kept me up then entire night. Never felt so sleepy before in lectures. But I found that I wouldn’t have taken it in the day anyway because my mind’s focused on other things so the soreness won’t really bother me. Except for UW’s lecture this morning. OMG. I felt soooo frustrated towards UW that I almost wish I can just freaking knocked UW off alive. Especially when UW kept going on and on and on and on. Never ending useless rant. SIBEH *(^*%^~_+*^*%#&*$@. So I end up kept fidgeting with my brackets, feeling that they’re poking annoyingly on my mucosa and since I’m bored, I just placed some wax over the brackets there and then. I can feel multiple ulcers developing already.

Despite the soreness, I’m happy in a way because that means my teeth are moving. And they are. The gap between my 21 and 22 already closed up quite tightly and before there’s like a 3mm overjet or something (Wendy‘s occlusion report, 2008). Now it’s only 1-2mm. Just one night leh. I’m impressed. But in pain at the same time. Eating is horrible. My lunch was barely eaten with only the cheese ended up edible. The rest (bread, meat) was difficult to swallow. Bread was okay actually, but the thought of having to dissolve it entirely with saliva before swallowing is disgusting. Plus it’s tasteless. I hate hate hateee tasteless food. What’s the point of eating if I cannot taste????!! And dinner was not much better, thought the soup helped a lot. Felt much better. Oh and ice-cream helps too lolol. Hey, I’m supposed to be losing weight okay, Sophia, you soooo shouldn’t have tempt me. Or was it me who suggested it in the first place? Gah, but it felt so good to be able to eat something that numbs the pain. I felt alive again hehehe. And after the salt water rinse, it felt much much better. It’s such a cheap cure. Whoever who says salt is not good for you, I propose for you to be placed under this Tx right away lol.


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