No such thing as cheap dentistry

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Just back from a consultation for my extractions, which turned into a general exam instead, and X-rays taking. Zzz. Then came all the findings of this decay, that decay, and you need this, this and bla bla bla. Zzz. You think if a real dentist tells you something like that, you will jump ahead a believe it right, but I felt somewhat skeptical. I know I’m just a student who has no qualifications to judge the diagnosis but when you have had it (cavitation) all along and had been seen by a lot of dentists and dental students, you’ll definitely think twice. I just have my doubts lor since I was convinced it’s fluoride-related rather than caries. No wonder people say dentistry is scary, since you can go to Dr A who says your teeth are fine, then you can go to Dr B with a total 180. I’m not saying Dr B has to be wrong because Dr A may have well missed it. But then I’m sure a lot of people out there have had a Dr B before, thinking they’re trying to rip you off with the humongous amount of fillings that isn’t necessary. Which isn’t always the case I should stress.

So my consultation with the extractions weren’t discussed, much to my disappointment because that’s what I really went in for. And the worst it yet to come. OMG the bill. I forgot to bring money this morning so I borrowed some from Wendy (thanks!!) thinking it should be enough with the amount of cash I have, plus my ATM if necessary. But I was totally OUT of range by like 100% T-T. I always knew dentistry is expensive, but not THIS expensive omg. It think it really has come to a point that it’s ridiculous lor. One little radiograph costs 40+ and I had 4 taken. And to make things worst, none of them were related to the teeth being extracted. And I’m going to need to get 4 teeth out, harlo, that means four more laaaaaaaaa if they decided to take more. I don’t understand why I got two PA(s) instead of one (on the same area OMG) because I only needed one. There goes 40+ for nothing. My money doesn’t fall from the sky ler wtf. And all the other treatment that I ‘needed’ leh? And my extractions leh? But if I followed the plan, I would end up forking extra 1000, on top of my ortho fee zzz. Maybe it has been this pricey all along, just that I never realised it. If the 3rd year patients all get charged like this, the hospital would not require any funding already, super self-sufficient ok.

Sighs. I really don’t know if I should go ahead with it or what. I mean the excess treatment la. Of course I’ll get my teeth extracted la, have to – but maybe not at that place anymore. It’s more expensive than all the ones I’ve heard and I really should help save some money ffs.


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