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Happy Birthday to ME

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Wow. Just found some MB answers from Wikipedia. Seriously, whoever who creates Wikipedia – I love you!!!!!!!!! So so good lorrrr! Anyway – please don’t take this as a sign saying, WAHHH, I finish DCP already??????! I wished la. Can one ever finish it really? I still have all the articles to go through lor. Sighs. it’s just that my DnD is so behind if I don’t do something – I cannot imagine myself doing anything after DCP tomorrow.

In another note, yes, Happy Birthday to me!! Old liao old liao. It’s the first time I’ve ever have my bday during exam time. It has always conveniently happened after. It’s a bit down and everything, but at least it’s super productive lol. Plus I got heaps of wishes – and also luck whahahaha – thank you people! Though it was kind of scary turning my phone on in the morning, bombarding with a string of smses. My phone doesn’t go like ‘total no. of msg received’ rather, ‘1 msg received’ then proceed to ring again to ‘2 msg received’ and so on…….. OMG. But thanks for all the sms and msn messages and facebook and friendster messages. Thank you all! Really ‘gan dong’ T-T HAhahaa. Anyway la, birthday didn’t really suck because.. it felt like any other day. Lol. Plus I seldom go out on my birthday ANYWAY – it’s always celebrated before the actual day one so yea, no difference. Please don’t feel bad for me or anything cause really, it’s not as bad as it seems. And I really kind of believe I will be extra lucky. LOL.

Shall go back to my notes. Because as my friend said, “Do whatever you can, and leave the rest to God”. Can I? Sigh. I shall just do the best I can anyway but I somehow believe, it’s kind of true. Please help me also this time ok God? Afterall I am supposed to have 22 wishes right? Hehehehehe. Thank you very much =P And everyone else is also included in the wish la – later kena bombarded with complain why nooooo help me wish!!!! Haha. Good luck everyone ^^ (I’m kind of sick of saying this already…)


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s0hMood > *discouraged*

I have a sudden urge to blog. As I sit here with my warm, extra gao, cup of milo. And a half eaten banana. Why the hell are the bananas here sooooo long? Ekhem. I realise that sounded a bit wrong. What I mean is la, they usually come in such big sizes I always end up eating half and giving the other half to people.

Anyway, I am so so soooo tired. So sick of studying. Can I just bloody give up? Actually, I don’t even dare to feel like wanting to give up, not to mention actually think about doing so. Simply because I’m too scared of telling my parents I failed. Very scary wan leh. That’s why no matter how hard it is, with no sleep, no food and sibeh coldness – I still cannot stop. These are the times I admire friends who can just do whatever they want – flunk an exam? Who the hell cares? Got supp. Fail supp? Nevermindlo. Re-take it next sem and try a bit harder la boy! I am not dissing people who frequently fail exams because I know no one likes to fail. Everyone would choose to pass if they could.

But I would just like to, sometimes you know, have a choice to fail can? Not talking about small tests that don’t count or count very little for that matter, but you know, big significant exams that I can just give up to focus on other more passable subjects. And retake the rest next sem. Sigh. This is probably the most annoying fact when doing Dentistry (or Medicine). When you fail a subject (even after supp), you cannot just add it into your timetable next year. You have little choice but to repeat the entire year. Not only the subject you failed – but in case of dentistry, the clinical and lab components. The worst bit is that you are one year behind your peers and have to start your social networking all over again. People like me (a bit anti-social) sure die wan lor. I’ll probably end up isolating myself, or join the ‘chen nian’ group – I wonder if that’s what happened in most years? They seemed to be the most accepting ones. I think la. Sighs….

Anyway, still want to say, good luck to everyone and myself >.<

p/s Btw, supp is also not an option because not everyone is offered one. Still have to depend on the marks and stuff. So I rather not go there.

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Supposingly short post

s0hMood > *fat*

Hola to my non-existent blog readers (since most will be mugging, I mean who so free go read other ppl’s blog other than me lar when they can study one two slides of MB right? lol, me being sarcastic) – I’m back, for now. Lol. Okla, just for today nia. I’m waiting for dinner to be ready and fyi, I always slack like one hour before and after dinner. Before is because I cannot focus when I’m hungry and I cannot eat anything because that would ruin dinner. After is because I also cannot focus when I’m full – though I don’t see why since I seem to focus quite well on what’s going on in ‘Two and a half men’. It’s sibeh funny lehhhh.

Anyway. I’ve been waking up late these days. Sien la. Whatever happened to waking early and limiting sleep? Zzz. Let me tell you what, it’s just a load of BS lor. Sighs. Anyway, to comfort myself, I tell myself I’ll compensate by studying till 3am in the morning. So I just gave up waking early liao. So far, I’m still really really behind. One friend told me he thought my exam’s over and that I’m on holidays. My blog suggested that. Does it????!!!! Let me shout out a super big statement to the whole wide world who don’t already know – I’m having EXAMSssssssssssss and hell am I not anywhere nearrr to relax ok. Over-stressed does not even do any justification to what I’ve been feeling. Really! Okla, maybe exaggerated a bit. You know how I did a post earlier telling ppl to study hard and get into dentistry all that shit, I think I change my mind now. People, PLEASE do NOT lorrrrrrrrrrrr.

Also want to take this rare chance to wish my two beloved friends, Kuan and Pik, both very Happy Birthday(s)!!!! No need elaborate much since I already wished them with long messages liao. Must save time ma haha.. And also, Happy Birthday to other June babies – there’s like dunno how many lor seriouslyyyyyy, somehow I’m grateful I’m not in Malaysia. No need buy so many presents hahahahaha. Special mention to June 29th!!! Hehehe, nola, I’m not purposely reminding you all of my bday (did anyone forget!!!! ^@%@_%^_%@ – actually I nearly forget also cos of exam blues lol) – it’s just that I have to mention an old friend of mine since primary school who happens to share the same bday as me, Alvin. Happy Birthday!!!

On a side note, anyone came across this site? Super good for de-stressing one you know!! Hahaha. So ‘jian’ la me. Boh bian, I always attracted to this kind of drama wan ma. Lol. Too bad it’s updated very rarely. Seems like ppl are generating more hatred towards her. To be honest, I’m actually natural towards her. Cos I don’t feel deceived by her la (though she still denies she has plastic surgery and also her self-proclaimed eurasion mixed blood – I find that really amusing actually). I wasn’t those ppl who all along hold to the fact she’s a natural beauty ma. I actually only know of her existence when my cousin asked me do you know this Sporean blogger who went through plastic surgery to become like THIS (insert Dawn Yang’s usual super chio picture)!!! I actually felt really I dunno, erm how would you say it? Like we live in a great world afterall la. Like you can be heaps ugly (not saying that she’s ugly – I think she’s quite ok to begin with) and can just get plastic surgery, if you have money la, and become super pretty – in this case, it’s debatable since a lot of people say she’s ugly. Occasionally, some of her pics freaked me out too la. Like eyes too big and this weird forehead thingy. Wonder if it’s natural ke or really her forehead implant, speculated by many. Hmm. But overall, I think she’s pretty what. Or shall I say, her pictures are pretty, since a lot seemed to say she looks different in real life.

With PS, there won’t be as much ppl getting bullied, teased or worst, committing suicide because of low self esteem due to their ugliness lor. So it’s a good thing what isn’t it? That being said though, I think (atm la) PS is not for me la. I dunno leh, it just seems quite drastic and I don’t wanna change my face like that lor. It’s pretty la, but… I don’t know. I think people who went and did it have a lot of courage also la. I know some just wanna be pretty and that’s all the think of. But hor, there’s a lot of like side effects and down the track, we never know what will happen leh. What if like the face collapse how? There is a chance of that wer. See Michael Jackson then know d la. And also heard that you can never just have one surgery lor. As in, they usually do multiple sites because once you reconstruct something, you need to redo others also to fit the new shape. Or else will look weird what. Not to mention people who actually get addicted. Scary wei. I think if one really wanna be pretty, they should explore other alternatives like make-up, botox? and all. Those non-invasive ones. Make up do wonders one la. There’s this email I saw that has this male-looking girl turning to a very typical chio girl. Like sibeh OMG ok! But I have nothing against people who opt for PS la. I think it’s their life, their choice lor.

Shit, I’ve blogged heaps than intended. This should have been a SHORT postttt omgomg. Have to go back to study (it’s after my dinner already..) now. Everyone, LOTS OF LUCk!!!!!

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Shortest post of the blog!

s0hMood > *slept*

It’s 2.19am. Just want to tell everybody else that I’m not dead. Well physically anyway. Pretty much so mentally. Sighs. I only did almost one DHS ques today. Why almost? Cos haven’t finish lorrrrr. Time is ticking fast. And I only have that much timeeeeee. Which is why I’m trying to utilise the day to its fullest. Have to wake up at 9am tomorrow. I am so sleepy…………..

Bye and good luck everyone. Bed, I am ZOOMINGGggggggg! No, that’s not a typo.

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I wish….

s0hMood > *slept*

There’s 48 hours in a day.

I have a time machine. So then tomorrow won’t be tomorrow anymore. But the day after exam’s when it is all over.

I have Prof T’s brain. That way, any exams are just, whatever…..

Or Ying Ying’s brain…

Doraemon is my bestesttttt friend and lend me his super duper useful ‘studying bread’

Or the time machine as mentioned above for that matter…

Or the ‘invisible cloak’ so that I can steal some exam papers. I promise I’ll share~~

DnD ain’t so freaking hard. Like that STUPID MB. ROAR. I wanna kill someone right now!!!

Adelaide has a massive flood and exams have to be postponed indefinitely. Which is technically impossible since Adelaide is in freaking drought. Could have wished for fire, but don’t want la, after it really burnt down and they say I’m the arsonist since I have the motif, somemore got written confession – I mah super dead?

I can utilise my time wiser instead of sitting here and blog for the past ten minutes. Could have done a slide you know?

I have picture-memory and can effortlessly remember every single detail the moment my eyes lay on them

I can just freaking go back to study now until 6am in the morning and wake up at 9am and continue studying till 6am.

That I am not feeling so sleepy and tired right now that any prospect of studying just seemed.. unattainable.

Tomorrow never comes~~~

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In brief..

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

8 minutes and 35 seconds. That’s the time my lecturer used to finish oneeeee slide. 30 minutes 59 seconds. Is the time I used to finish that SAME freaking slide. &*#%*$%@!#+_^%@

It’s either my Mozilla Firefox, or freaking Facebook is screwed up. I cannot access Facebook and it kept redirecting me to Friendster instead. WTH???!!!

I need to like freaking shut up in the library and stop distracting other people and myself from studying. I need to STUDY larrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Only one and a half week left – I am so F’ed. Things left to study…… *counting and mumbling* No wait, that means everything T-T

The computer crashed on me again, for the umptenth time. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Luckily blogger has an auto-save function. Not that I wrote much. Still. Would have sucked… Maybe my luck is changing.

Shall go and do some study. Am already super lagged behind =(

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What a good day!

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

Remember the French Toast from my previous post? For the love of God, please DO NOT try it at home. I felt so sick after. Not sick as in physically sick. Just mentally. Really disgusted and grossed out. It tasted really good and everything, but a little bit too much sugar for my system I think. And I ate the whole freaking thing (almost la). Never felt so revolted towards food before. And it lasted till the next morning. Just thinking of it made me want to skip breakfast man *shudders*. Shall tone it down next time, scrap the peanut butter and the maple syrup. I still love my Nutella thank you very much.

Anyway, today has been heaps good! I studied more than usual!!! Wahahha, it’s worth celebrating. With the whole night of slacking lololol. Nola, luckily I promised to discuss Perio with Wendy so I’ll have to study that for tonight. Got my feedback from tutor, he gave me a satisfactory -> good! FYI, it’s ben xiao jie’s FIRST time lor. I always only get satisfactory, or like satisfactory and a lil bit of good. But this time he said he’s leaning more towards good. I was so freaking happy! I know it’s prolly the one and only time. But one can indulge in her success, can’t she? It’s not like a complete good, I know, but that’s already enough for me lor. I never really do well in any subject lor, so at least my practical don’t suck because that’s the skill I really do need at the end of the day.

I also got a ‘emergency‘ check-up from my tutor haha. He’s so kind la I tell you. He said the gums looked fine, only a bit red on ‘this’ area (I can feel it’s the part where pus burst out from). And say it’s probably the 8’s. Even offered to take my OPG lor – but I just had one done in the ortho practice (2 actually – I’ve been exposed to so much radiation I’m wondering if that’s what killing my brain cells). So then he changed to a PA instead. So yea, in conclusion, it’s the 8 la. Poking out. So annoying. I didn’t know emerging 8’s can cause pus lor. But he say it’s common. Because of inflammation and shit (he didn’t say this la, I add one). See, I manage to get free PA – worth 45 bucks according to the price Colgate Centre charged me lol. Did I not say I heart free stuff?????!!!!!~

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