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I have always randomly taken pictures of food and never bothered to put it up unless if it was related to some special occasions – and even then, it depends on whether I got ‘eng’ to put up boh. Most of the time I sibeh lazy, so these are the pictures accumulated since God knows when. A combination from KL and Adelaide, and some say Genting Highlands.

During the holiday last year, we went to the very hyped up Friendster cafe at Sunway Pyramid just to discover it’s not the same ‘friendster’ cafe that we saw from emails going around. It was quite pricey from what I remember and if you guys happened to go there, please look at the photo wall, might just spot my face ok!!! I’m serious lo, they did took our pic, just that dunno whether go use boh haha.

Cheesecake, I believe it was Tiramisu, but I can’t be sure lol..
Their specialty, Friendstercino – Peach and Mango I think. Was really nice!

These were during the trip to Handorf – just in case if I never get around to blog about it, here’s some of the food you can find from German Village..

HUGEEEEEEEE (look at the comparison with standard size knife on the right) German platter (I think) from Handorf Inn – with pork knuckles, roasts, various sausages, bread and potatoes – worth every penny, trust me!
Different type of mustards
From Handorf Sweets, sour peach hearts aaaa~~
Remeniscing the old times, we had some ‘pop pop’. I din really like it, Sophia did..
Lollies – I bought the mixed one since I don’t know which flavour’s the best, now would everyone go for watermelon pls, beats the rest hands down

Then as you know from previous post, went to a French restaurant and these are some of the main courses, bon apetite~~

Chicken fillet with creamy tarragon sauce
Lamb with tomato and herbs sauce
Potterhouse steak with green peppercorn sauceVeal with mushroom sauceEscargot
French champagne – really fruity, one of the best I’ve had

Was craving for cakes the other day and went to grab some from Scoozi, Rundle St with Wendy.

Passion fruit cheesecake
Chunky double chocolate – highly recommended

And just the other day, I made my first kimbab? (Korean sushi)!!! Thanks to Han – turned out pretty good, far better than I expected actually. Didn’t realise it’s pretty easy hehe. Ekhem, no comment on how it looks ok, my first time maaa, and it definitely taste better than it appears to be la haha, I think…

Kimbab with tuna and egg

Sien, the connection is too slow for more pictures, will update more next time. This is just a painful reminder for myself as after two weeks into ortho Tx, I’ll be getting my wire replaced tomorrow. Haihs. Gone are the days I can eat freely….. until they no longer hurt of course =)

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