Adding oil

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Since yesterday, everyone on MSN has been telling me this – wahhhh, Malaysia petrol price goes up to RM2.70 from tomorrow!!! It’s a 40% rise. My condolences to those people who drive. While it seems very cheap in comparison to Aus (after conversion), it still provides little comfort for those who don’t fail to drive everyday, be it to Uni or work. The thing is, in Aus, the price is around AUD1.60ish (always changes – cheapest on Tuesdays in Adelaide lol) which converts to RM5-ish. But the salary and living standards here are much higher than it is back in Malaysia. Say like the price you pay for a litre of petrol in Adelaide can buy, well, if you’re lucky, half a loaf of fresh bread. I’m not very good with groceries prices la, roughly there la hor. In Malaysia though, the same amount one pay for a litre of petrol can buy a loaf of fresh bread plus a piece of roti canai (according to prices from earlier this year, maybe it went up heaps ever since). When people here complain, omg, petrol is sooooo expensive and it affects struggling families and decide not to use the car etc etc, surely, Malaysians nowadays will be living it tougher. Now, almost everyone I know back in Malaysia is very very disgruntled and angry. Me too!!! It affects airfare prices ok. With this, the already losing money MAS will surely charge much higher. Ah, fine with me. I sometimes hate MAS anyway. And to read reports saying the steep hike is because the government can no longer provide fuels subsidies. Oh, I WONDER WHY? Malaysia produces it’s own petroleum what, selling it to US summore, for all these years, where did all the money go? Oh I know, sending our angkasawan to space laaa. Another one is much more obvious – money just happens to fall into some people’s pockets you know? Miraculously of course. Nono, it’s different from stealing, it JUST fell. Yea. And then comes the funniest bombshell of all, the PM said everyone should change their way of living. With that, it won’t affect people much. Oh, I see. So people, heed the advice! Please rely on the ever sucky public transport, ride a bike or something. Worse comes to worst, take the no11 bus (For those who don’t know, bus11 means walking). And of course, strap your belts extra tight, you won’t be eating very much soon. Open your mouth and aim for the wind yea. It helps, trust me it helps. *Please do not try this at home*


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