Swotvac Day 1

s0hMood > *slept*

Verdict: Failed miserably

I think from now on till the exams are over, s0hp0h.blogspot.com will be expecting posts (of the same nature as this) around this time. This is because it’s the time after all the drama-ing, and if lucky, after some studying or a break before continuing to study. Also, it will be brief and short as I really should refocus my resources somewhere else more beneficial ma, which hopefully ain’t dramaing, may I stress again. Just a quick update from yesterday, I did manage to wake up early. Only to resume back to the comforts of my slumber in like two seconds. Woke up at noon and ate. And check email and stuff. Drama for a while. And decided it’s getting late. 3pm-ish. Should really pick up a book or something. So I went and sort out all my notes, trying to recover them from all the nooks and crannies of my room. Manage to organise everything but by that time, it was already almost dinner time. So dinner then a bit more of drama, and shower. Short one. That doesn’t mean like cincai bathe la aiyo, it means not washing hair la. Hate washing hair during winter. Wash takes like 10 minutes, then condition leh? Then after that have to wipe with towel and further dry it with hair dryer, which itself is tiring. It’s like carrying weights ok. What a waste of time. Anyway…… then I finally did some realllll studying. For like a few pages. Zzz. Felt so sleepy. Weird. It’s only 7 o’clock lor. So then I decided to drama summore and ate some bread and drama more. Wah, this is resembling a eat, shit, sleep post. But I didn’t shit la. Lol. Too much detail? Pardon me. Actually, while we are at this, I don’t know how people manage to shit everyday one lor. I know we are meant to lar, but I don’t. But I don’t feel constipated wor. Normal what. I think I should eat more fruits liao, just in case. So now I just finish drama-ing and is preparing to sleep. Will try to study in bed. And then TRY again to wake up early tomorrow. Laterzz..


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  1. 1

    wwh86 said,

    drama drama drama. habis ady la u exam…hehehe

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    lol… thanks. U r being SIBEH helpful and encouraging LOL

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