Another successful attempt to blog

s0hMood > *discouraged*

BUT another failed attempt to wake up early and study. I mean BOTH. I woke up late and didn’t study. Ho mai cow. I seriously think I need someone to stress me out. Even Yinan’s constant studying is not enough lei. I, I… am just unstimulable lor. But luckily I’m not the one feeling relaxed. At least that makes two of us (Han and I). But I think she studies harder than I do? Hmm. Anyway, I was suppose to study, but then decided to eat instead. Zzz.

Milk peppermint pastilles

Swotvac is so fattening. I’ve finished one big pack of chips, one more to go (stupid Wollies always sell them in 2s). Ate almost a full platter of macadamia nuts covered with chocolate in a matter of days. Snacked continuously on my beloved Haigh’s chocolate – which will hopefully last longer than its macadamia counterparts. Then just after dinner, I go and make French toast. Just a spur of the moment thing and then in a spoof – dunno how many thousand calories. LOLOL. I am going to die of sudden obesity, if not the unable-to-study syndrome. I think the weight I lost during my early ortho tx has really gone down to sea water liao lor. What a waste!

Home made French toast (recipe here)

I added Nutella also – super gao

Anyway. It’s still quite early. I shall start studying. Wish me luck, for the umpthenth time! Thank you, do jeh, xie xie, terima kasih, arigatou, gomawo to those who keep pushing me to study. I will now try for good!


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