In brief..

s0hMood > *Need to work hard*

8 minutes and 35 seconds. That’s the time my lecturer used to finish oneeeee slide. 30 minutes 59 seconds. Is the time I used to finish that SAME freaking slide. &*#%*$%@!#+_^%@

It’s either my Mozilla Firefox, or freaking Facebook is screwed up. I cannot access Facebook and it kept redirecting me to Friendster instead. WTH???!!!

I need to like freaking shut up in the library and stop distracting other people and myself from studying. I need to STUDY larrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Only one and a half week left – I am so F’ed. Things left to study…… *counting and mumbling* No wait, that means everything T-T

The computer crashed on me again, for the umptenth time. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Luckily blogger has an auto-save function. Not that I wrote much. Still. Would have sucked… Maybe my luck is changing.

Shall go and do some study. Am already super lagged behind =(


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