Happy Birthday to ME

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Wow. Just found some MB answers from Wikipedia. Seriously, whoever who creates Wikipedia – I love you!!!!!!!!! So so good lorrrr! Anyway – please don’t take this as a sign saying, WAHHH, I finish DCP already??????! I wished la. Can one ever finish it really? I still have all the articles to go through lor. Sighs. it’s just that my DnD is so behind if I don’t do something – I cannot imagine myself doing anything after DCP tomorrow.

In another note, yes, Happy Birthday to me!! Old liao old liao. It’s the first time I’ve ever have my bday during exam time. It has always conveniently happened after. It’s a bit down and everything, but at least it’s super productive lol. Plus I got heaps of wishes – and also luck whahahaha – thank you people! Though it was kind of scary turning my phone on in the morning, bombarding with a string of smses. My phone doesn’t go like ‘total no. of msg received’ rather, ‘1 msg received’ then proceed to ring again to ‘2 msg received’ and so on…….. OMG. But thanks for all the sms and msn messages and facebook and friendster messages. Thank you all! Really ‘gan dong’ T-T HAhahaa. Anyway la, birthday didn’t really suck because.. it felt like any other day. Lol. Plus I seldom go out on my birthday ANYWAY – it’s always celebrated before the actual day one so yea, no difference. Please don’t feel bad for me or anything cause really, it’s not as bad as it seems. And I really kind of believe I will be extra lucky. LOL.

Shall go back to my notes. Because as my friend said, “Do whatever you can, and leave the rest to God”. Can I? Sigh. I shall just do the best I can anyway but I somehow believe, it’s kind of true. Please help me also this time ok God? Afterall I am supposed to have 22 wishes right? Hehehehehe. Thank you very much =P And everyone else is also included in the wish la – later kena bombarded with complain why nooooo help me wish!!!! Haha. Good luck everyone ^^ (I’m kind of sick of saying this already…)


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