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What goes up, must come down?

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I keep getting free stuff lately. Free Vitamin drink. Free instant mash potatoes. Free tea and coupon from Booze Juice. Yay!

I was heaps full from lunch at Seoul Restaurant (on Hyde St off Pirie). Omg. I practically poured everything down and I’m so stuffed T-T. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE EATING LESS. Yinan, WHY oh why did you do that to me? Or was it the other way round? Haha. Anyway, the food was great! It’s seriously going to be my new favourite restaurant (for casual dining la, expensive dining cannot compare lah). Taking Bazu down lolol. They have MUCH better service than Bazu really.

Soft bean curd hot pot - so yummy!!

Soft bean curd hot pot - so yummy!!

Lunch set - around 10 bucks, good value!

Lunch set - around 10 bucks, good value!

Garlic chicken - I'm hungry now!!!
Garlic chicken – I’m hungry now!!!
Side dishes

Side dishes

Ortho lab was full on man. Are we supposed to know all the bones before hand? Cause I have no freaking idea. None of my group members did anyway, except for E who did hers before hand. But it seems like the tutors expected us to know something? Like howwww? We weren’t given any lectures beforehand. Oh, self-directed learning. Zzz. Anyway. My group finished heaps early. One hour wahhahaha. I was happy. Can go home early wei!

Waited 45 freaking minutes for the freaking bus during freaking peak HOUR. Can’t you freaking believe it!!!! OMFG. I was so pissed! Stupid bus. Why bother come up with timetable when they’re not following it? Nabeh. I saw four 106(s) – Yinan who came out after me half an hour later got into a bus first!!! Lucky girl. Saw 3 179F(s) that goes near my area. But I lazy to walk. See la. If only I was a tiny tad more active – I would have got home by 5.15pm. Zzzz.

I freaking love Leona Lewis and One Republic. So soooooo good. Siao. Lololol.

I have yet to start my DLP. Sob sob. And I still have to do my Perio essay, smoking cessation essay (Chian gonna be my patient LOLOL. Chian, you smoke 20 per day yaaaah!!), Pros Cd to prepare for pros test, and fulfill my promise of going through my notes. Endo. Ortho. Fixed pros. Sigh. I wanna die….

Half BDS is coming up. Yay. I’m most excited for the certificate part tehehehhe. I’m officially half way through omg. It felt like it’s been so long though. I can’t believe I still have HALF to go. Sigh…

Omg, my first fixed pros lab tomorrow. Aih, have to prepare for that AS WELL. Omg. I have a gazillion things to do neh. I haven’t watch my drama for so long liaoooooooo. Feel so freaking deprived.



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Another first

s0hMood > *Happy*

I have my virgin Endodontics lab today!!! It was quite funny as during the intro, Prof C kept asking us to calm down, don’t panic. I didn’t feel anything in particular really, but after he said that, I felt that I should? Just before I start though, I was feeling a bit nervous. So it’s normal I supposed? We weren’t really thought how to do it, which bur to use, what to aim for etc etc. After the short intro, we just get straight down to it. A bit blur in the first few minutes but once I started drilling, everything became easier. So drilled the access cavity with the 169L bur (we weren’t given the conventional cons burs). And aim for the pulp. I drilled in rather deep but the cavity is still yellowish. I think I’m still in dentine, but I’m not sure. So I asked the tutor a very stupid question – Am I there yet? Zzz. I haven’t drill into the pulp before ma, I have no idea how it feels like really. Plus as I drilled deeper, it feels like I’m going to perforate the tooth liao. But tutor said drill more and when you feel a sudden depression, that’s when you reach the chamber. Oooo. Few seconds after I commence drilling – I hit the right spot. Yay!!!! It’s probably the only time in Dentistry when you will actually be oh-so-excited to ‘expose’ the pulp. Then have to clean out the entire chamber, and look for the canal(s). Most of them were quite easy, especially the premolar. The molar is a bit tricky since it has three or four canals. Luckily mine only has three =) And I had to extend quite far. I was going a bit too deep I thought since (I think) I can sort of see the pinkish acrylic through the enamel, but tutor said it’s meant to be like that. So oklor, but it was quite scary since I never removed so much tooth structure in my life. Even after I found all the canals, tutor still told me to clean out more (ie deeper). I was trying so hard not to perforate the floor of the crown – since I don’t really have a clue how far in I am. Luckily I didn’t heh heh heh. So first session turned out good ^^. Now time to dread for obliteration of the canals >.<

p/s I can’t believe I’m saying this – it’s DLP time for me instead of the usual drama. Sigh. Why am I so hardworking all of a sudden you asked? It’s due in one week’s time and have to do it individually, that’s why!

pp/s After like an hour or so, I have still done nothing omg!! Whyyyy? Cause I’m kepoh-ing reading this new and yet ANOTHER expose of Ms Dawn Yang lor. Wahlaoeh, she seriously has a lot of shit to be dug up. How can someone be soooo haolian I don’t understand. But at the same time, I am starting to pity her a bit because she’s like having this ‘multiple personality’ behaviour – which all have the same aim, PRAISE QUEEN DAWN.

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Bits and pieces

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There’s a few random things I want to blog about:

Current semester resolution
– Lose weight: T-T I have been eating out sooooo much recently. Lunches and dinners. Fat!! I can hardly recalled the last time I have a decent home-cooked meal. I know, strange right since I am the one who live with relatives. But since my aunty is away, and my uncle can’t really cook, we have to eat out almost everyday. Not that I’m complaining though cause the food are so yum!! But I tend to eat more outside than at home – so hard to resist! Fat fat!!!! And I’m not even snacking for fish’s sake. Fat fat fat!!!!!!!!
– Study hard: I have been having weird and vivid premonitions of me failing something end of the year. I think God is giving me a sign to better pick up my ass and study my ass off this sem because he can’t help me every single time. And my mom has been rather worried about my results (wow, first time!) recently, I don’t know why but yea. She’s been calling me much more than usual to check whether my results are out yet. So that’s another sign, no???!! I think it’s only right that I take my studies more seriously from now on because it’s always been hanging by a thread and I don’t want it to snap >.<

The XiaXue VS Dawn Yang saga continues…
Just when we thought the fun’s ending, DY proceeded to file a lawsuit, and XX is not backing down. Coolies!! I so wanted XX to kick DY’s ass, which is also possibly plastic. At first I don’t like DY because she was quoted saying others accused her of having plastic surgeries and that she don’t understand WHY anyone would go under the knife, like they are not confident enough etc. WTFish. Then as the saga unrolls, more of her shit has been dug up. The latest scandal to hit DY is plagiarism (see this, this and this). It has been found that this supposingly ‘beauty and brain’ writer copied word-to-word of other people’s reviews/opinions etc and pieced them together as her entry. She didn’t even bother to paraphrase, OMFG la. Not just in her personal blog, but also the paid ones in Stomp. Why do I care you ask, it’s not like she copied MINE right (she’s lucky she didn’t or I will curse her gao gao, every second of everyday till it comes true!!!)? Well, I care cause I read some of her Stomp entries occasionally (which are so lacking in substance compared to XX’s old Stomp entries) since I’m bored all the time. Anyway. So I read them and think well, she’s fake on the outside, but at least she still has some brain. Boy was I wrong!!!I felt cheated. For thinking she’s more than what she is. Ceh. And worst of all, she’s paid for those substandard entries!!!!!!! Making money is so easy with a pretty face or what? She still have the audacity to claim on national radio that it’s research for her article. Lame excuse man. She just proved to the nation that SHE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RESEARCH AND COPYING. Good luck ‘researching’ in NYU wtf wtf wtfffff!

We Got Married
Omg, I loveeeee this show!!! It’s like the funniest reality show I’ve ever seen. Much better than lousy Big Brother, or ANTM even! Such an original idea, I wonder why no one thought about that before hehe. Those who haven’t heard of this show, you’ve got to watch it!! I repeat, YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH IT!!! It’s a Korean show where celebrities are paired up and have to live together as husband and wife. The couples all started out a bit awkward but as they get used to each other, it gets more and more interesting! My favourite is the older-wife-younger-husband, Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong. Hwang Bo is such a good wife omg. And Hyun Joong being in an idol group SS501, is such an idol, haha. The other couple to look out for is the constantly fighting Crown J and Seo In Young.

Pain, pain going away
My extraction wounds are healing nicely! Coolies. Even the dentist say it’s like the tooth has never been there =) But he also said, new bone will be formed, only to be later destroyed by the orthodontic tooth movement. What a waste of resources. I can tell my osteoclasts and osteoblasts and working very hard because my teeth are aching. They are moving at every single opportunity they get! I can’t wait to get the full braces on – though it hurts like shit – because I want my perfectly aligned teeth asap!! So excited heh heh heh ^^

Semester starts
Holidays are officially over for other courses. Yay!! During the past two weeks, the campus is relatively empty as Uni hasn’t commence for others yet. Such a sickening reminder of my super duper early commencement, aside from the taunts I get from my lousy cousins lol. But Chian is still lazying in M’sia. Skipping first week wor, 666!!!

That’s all I can think of for today. Drama time for me =) Ciaoz

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Lost ANOTHER two teeth

s0hMood > *tired*

I have my second extractions today. So now I have four teeth in my jar. Hurray. Now if only I can find the other 15 more of non-premolars. Now I have an altered bite and sensation. My tongue kept wandering around these bulges which I thought was the blood clot, but turns out they’re my own teeth. I think the lost of one teeth made my tongue highly sensitive to the adjacent remaining tooth. Very annoying. Anyway. After my extractions, I have perio clinic. I know la I so dumb, choose the day when I actually need the energy. Turned out ok still la, though one of my patient’s CoC need to extend for another more appointment T-T. Sigh. I hate root planning really really much. Such a pain lor. Especially when it involves hand scaling. It’s no secret now that I HATE HAND SCALERS. Simply because I sucked at using them. No power. Plus my angulations damn shit. Sigh.

Dinner was painful as. I have to bite on the other side, pretty much healed, but those sibeh ulcers. I almost teared in frustration. They are SUCH bitches. Everytime the savoury sauce touch it’s exposed tissue, it feels like a throbbing sting. I know it doesn’t make sense. Throbbing and sting. We all know throbbing and sting are meant to be under two different categories. But it really does sting and throb! So so annoying. And during that one moment when one of my brackets with those metal hook rub against the ulcers, I swear I could cry ‘&*@^%&%^)*)(@!$’ out loud. Then Kenalog came and save the day!! But only after I came home zzz. Thanks Wendy for the recommendation, it’s really useful.

All the exam results are out. And I’m glad to say I passed everything. Thank you everyone for the support and prayers. Thank you! And congratulations to those who also passed! And those who didn’t do so well, jia you jia you!!! Please do not hesitate to ask if you need anything. Will try my best to help – though I have to say I didn’t do very well myself, sure ain’t the best person to offer anything, but just in case if you all needed any, I’ll gladly help k.

Only morning lecture tomorrow and Friday. Yay!! But next week the real semester starts, commencement of every single subject. OMG. My timetable is real shitty leh. And who says 2nd semester is more relaxing? All the freaking Endo is already killing me. Fixed pros leh? And omg, Ortho which haven’t even started. But I already can imagine how hard it’s going to be T-T. I realised I always hear all these rumours that always turned out to be untrue. Seriously. Some say 2nd year is hardest. Then when we go to 3rd year, they say 3rd year is the hardest. Then some say this tutor is nice, turns out not and vice versa. I should just stop listening altogether.

And have been wanting this for ages but still haven’t make any effort to get them. WHERE ARE MY DENTAL LOUPES????!!! I better get them asap. Anyone wanna offer to organise something? =p To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. But I think I will really need it for Endo lab. SO here’s to hoping we get it soon!!~ Heh heh, off to finishing my drama(s) before the work start pilling up.

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Mixed feelings

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Before I get into the entry, I just wanted to say, turns out the T-shirts are my birthday present from TAG. So I would like to thank each and every single member of TAG – I really really really really really heart it. REALLY. Words cannot even justify how excited I am receiving it. Thanks a lot. I can’t wait till the day I can finally don one of them on with you guys (it’s only fun that way ^^), roaming the streets of KL – no wait, that would make us look like a bunch of idiotic pamphlet distributors from a dodgy company. Let’s do that somewhere else lololol. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for what you guys have done for me through these years. Seriously, you guys are the greatest and I have no idea how I managed without you all for so long. It sure feels a bit empty, but that only makes me realise, how truly amazing you guys are, and I sincerely hope we can be friends forever.

So back to the entry. Some of my exam results are out. I was kind of anticipating it, I’m the type who just wanna get it over and done with. So I passed everything. Happy =) But some friends didn’t go so well. Sad =( Which is the only thing I hate about exam results. I don’t know how to comfort people, because I know if I were in their shoes, I’ll be sad as shit and the last thing I need is people telling me, it’s ok. But I do that to people all the time. I hope you guys don’t get offended because I know it’s not OK. But that’s the best thing I can come up with, I seriously am lost for words. I really do not possess the gene to comfort other people. But if you do need a hug, let me know, I’ll give you one anyday. Just make sure you bathe d la.

I know it’s sort of none of my business because academic performances are always individualised. It’s a competitive thing? But obviously in our case, competitiveness doesn’t really exist. We don’t get upset if others did better than we did because we are just grateful that we passed. Like ‘one’ said, We are all in this together. And it’s so true (except to those people I don’t like, you can be however you want for all I care). Which is another reason why I too feel kind of upset when my friends don’t go so well. Cause I know the significance of it. It can mean anything. Sigh. The uncertainty of it just scares the living daylights out of us students.

And as much as you don’t want to repeat, I don’t want you to too! I really wanna see your faces next year and it sure sucks if you are not in the picture. I wanna be able to bug you guys during lecture times. Complain about how freaking boring the lecturer is. Laugh off the lousiest jokes during lunch times. Prepare for lab and clinic (heapsss early) together. Cramp before exams like a bunch of sohpohs. So please. For your sake and mine too, please please please (I am begging you here), do whatever you can, try as hard as you can, PLEASE PASS THE YEAR, ok? I will pray for you guys!!!!!!!!!!! And also for me. What, DHS not out yet leh. I was quite confident but I changed my mind. Who knows what will happen? So yeah, fingers and toes crossed.

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Wasting energy

s0hMood > *angry*

FARK. FARK. FARK. Two cancellations (plus the FTA last week, wow, my clinics this semester sure is off to a ‘good’ start). I just went to school for NOTHING. WTFish. *turns on the chain saw and destroy everything in its path* One canceled last minute. One DON’T even remember the appointment. ROARRRRRR. How can you not freaking rememberrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!??? It’s not like a freaking check up. It’s the freaking filling that you freaking needed. Argh, bites me. If you don’t care, I shan’t either *shrugs*.

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