Wishing for the better

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My exams are finally over and done with!!! I’m so so excited hehehehe. Gone are the days where I feel guilty about waking up at 12pm. And also bye bye to studying every single minute I’m awake (though that didn’t really happen – but it certainly felt like so!!). So now I can just sit back and relax.

And thank you so much for the ‘surprise’ today. Wasn’t very successful I have to admit – but it was still great yea. Thank you for the food and company. And also special thanks to Ma who made the cake – I wished I’m good in baking T-T. Anyway, the Tiramisu was fabulous ^^, A bit wet, but the flavour is totally rich and creamy. And coffee taste isn’t too overbearing too – I like!

I’ve got a ‘bundle of happiness’ from Han – thank you so much – lots of snacks hehehe. I like!!!!!

Anyone how know about the XX-DY fiasco? Hahaha. I LIKE ALSO. (Btw I don’t link the other person cause, aiyo isn’t it obvious, WO BU XI HUAN TA)

And M’sia now seems to be in a very unstable state. This accuse that of sodomy la. That then accuse that back of killing someone la (I can only pray that the PI will be safe – I sure wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, but he’s got the courage man, got to adore that). WAHLAO. Shiok. Why ah do I love drama so much? Anyway, I’m kind of worried about the whole thing – it’s like so politically unstable – kind of like a riot will break any moment. Not scary meh? I’m not in Malaysia la, but my family and friends are mah. Very daunting neh. Hope that all this shit will be over asap and may the best person become the PM and that Malaysia can be a muchhhhh better country – one that I can truly love. I really want to love herrrr one, sometimes a bit hard lol but then I still like it a tad bit more than here la to be honest. Cause I’ve got to admit – we have the best food, best ppl (though some really rude, but in general la) and our culture is super coolness. So yea, I really wish M’sia can turn over a new leaf cause we all know we can do MUCH better. Now that is what I would really like ^^


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