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Warning: VERY CHEAP stuff ahead

I made a big mistake. Well actually more like an misunderstanding. Anyway. Went over to Han’s, and I was running heapssss late. Have to stop by UniSA to drop the to-be-overdue text books I ‘rajin-ly’ borrowed for the exams – which ended up lying on the corner of my desk accumulating dust – expected. I WILL NOT borrow it again lor. Ever. Waste my time and energy. So freaking heavy. Grrr.

So I turned up at Han’s house. To her surprise. LOL. Yea, so we are suppose to meet on Monday. Not Sunday. I thought it was Sunday. So we went shopping at Tea Tree Plaza. And uncovered the gold! This accessory shop wanna close down liao – so everything was on a massive 50-80% sale. OMG die die also HAVE TO BUY ok!!!! So yea, the first stop, yet so successful. Me and Han practically roamed all over the store looking for good stuff and ended up buying heaps of stuff at freaking cheap price. Like REALLY CHEAP ok. I feel so surreal lolololol. Love bargains heh heh. I think since I bought so many cheap stuffs (do I ever buy expensive stuff? lol), it’s only right that it has a label of its own – ‘cheap stuff? MUST BUY’

Everything for 12 bucks. I am so proud of myself man! Saved around 40 bucks

Pretty earrings!! For less than 3 bucks each

I’ve always wanted super long beads but they always so exp – now 1 dollar each, HOW TO NOT BUY?

The cheapest of all – 5 for 50 cents – yes, we didn’t really believe it till the girl said so. Freaking 10 cents each, use to ‘bai leng’ also ‘dai’ laaaa..

Sigh, one week holiday is too little la. Although I don’t have much to do – all the series that has previously fiercely tempted me during swotvac suddenly appear so dull. But I still watched it anyway la. Boh bian. I really have nothing to do. Not going out also. But these days I’m going out a bit too much liao. Haha, not a single day at home. But at least I’m utilising my holidays well. I hate sitting at home all day sometimes. And just eat and drama then sleep. Feels really wasteful somehow. But then I’m lazy to leave the comforts of the home to the ever-so-cold winter condition. Anyway, Chian going back to Malaysia luuu. Hope you have a safe journey ^^.

p/s And remember to buy me Twisties BBQ curry =p

pp/s Federer playing Nadal in Wimbledon. Federer you must win horrrrrrr!!!


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