All about food II

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Continuation from my random food post… No one probably reads it, but just for the sake of completeness, since I so ‘eng’ anyway lolol. Not in chronological order…


Old Town, Genting Highlands: Si mut nai cha

Old Town, Genting Highlands: Teh-o

Station One, Pertama: Chocolate (I think)

Station One, Pertama: Mocha?
Station One, Pertama: Lychee milk
Wong Kok, Leisure Mall: Birthday Tea

Cowboy Delight: Iced lemon tea, star fruit juice?

Cowboy Delight: Mushroom soup and complimentary bun
Cowboy Delight: Large apple juice

Main Courses:
Hog’s Breath Cafe, Gouger St: Fish
Hog’s Breath Cafe, Gouger St: Mushroom Steak?

Seoul Express, Adelaide CBD: Zham Bong

Old Town, Genting Highlands: Real French Toast (much better than my fake one lor)

Saya punya rumah: Fake egg toast lol

Cakes from Baskin Robbins

Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe (looking very un-secret recipe-ish)

Hazelnut cake from Mon Cherry

Kiddies’ cake from Angel’s Bakery

Coffee? from Michel’s patisserie?

Fruit cake

Fake cake made by Han, Shan and Me (actually it shouldn’t be here, since it’s not edible)

Christmas log cake


Old Town, Genting Highlands: Half boiled egg

Steamboat at Maluri

Station One, Pertama: Fries

Korean Snacks (got from Han ^^)

Home made Bi Bim Bap (before mixing it’s really pretty!)
Ice cream from Cocolat, Adelaide CBD
Huge candies found in KLIA

– The End –

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