Lady luck cominggg??

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After a week of hiatus – well since I didn’t really blog properly, so it’s not considered as blogging lolol. Something finally happened in my life! It ain’t so boring afterall. I was just dying to go out really. Was so bored of watching dramas and pigging in company of endlesssss snack supplies. I AM GETTING FAT. But no prob – extractions next week. And more the week after. Wow. I cannot eat for two weeks!!! Then a month after, will get my real braces on – as in the full one. OMG. Another one week, maybe two, of foodlessness. Why do I sound like I am enjoying it? Nooooo, I hate the feeling of not being able to taste and enjoy food properly. It really sucks. Like chips tasted bad. Tim tams was worse. From that moment, my life came crushing down. And I realised – I am not cut out for any sort of diet. Really. I rather die than to give up on this lil luxury of life. Food is me. Me is foooddd. No, I’m not edible thank you very much.

Random pic: Tiramisu cake made by Ma ^^ Thxxxx~

Random pic: Pigs for sale, discovered at Tea Tree Plaza pet shop

So yes, me stepping out of the house!! Early morning, well not so early, around 10 ish, I have an appointment with my new dentist for exo consultation – and everything’s settled – I feel so relieved. Was quite annoyed trying to scout for new one. Hehehe. Then went for lunch with Han, Soph and Yinan at Seoul restaurant to celebrate Soph’s birthday. Belated. I just remembered that I didn’t take picturessss of the absolutely delicious food!!!!! Nevermind la. Next time cause I’ll definitely go back! We had kimchi hot pot, soft bean curd hot pot and spicy bulgogi lunch set. Cause it took a while before they served our food (40 minutes or so), they gave us a complimnetary garlic chicken lunch set. So niceee! I was so excited when we got the free food, I never really got anything free this bigggg, it’s like 11 bucks ok. Lol. Han they all were laughing at my over-reactiveness. What, really first time marrrr. And when they found out we are celebrating birthday, they even gave us free drinks ^^. Super nice lorrrrr. Or maybe because I was with Koreans? Lol. Since the cake’s huge, we gave some to the shop person who has been really nice towards us. We couldn’t finish it anyway. There’s still a quarter left over.

Soph attempting to take out the candle from the yummy Mango Cheesecake

We then took off to Harbour Town and shoped! Han did. I didn’t. T-T. First time not buying ANYTHING. Not even a stud! So pathetic. Oh well, then off to Sue karaoke, next to KBox. My first time. Food ain’t allowed in there, so we just gave the remaining cake to the owner. We are like giving it away to everyone lol. The place is quite pretty. The rooms are prettier ^^. The only thing is they have to look up songs on this huge booklet – heavier than yellow pages OMG. But they have this disco ball light system that’s heaps cool!! Everytime a song starts playing – the lights turned off automatically and shift to disco mode. Chio!! And they also have a scoring system in the end lolol. Very funny. It’s very very generous. Always give us 80+. Han even got a few 100s. We paid 23 bucks for one hour. And the owner gave us an hour and a half. SO generous. Then when we thought our time is up (there’s a clock on the top corner of the tv to remind us – I like!), the owner added an extra 10 minutes for us. And another 10. Then yet another ten. Omg. I think he gave us extra 40 mins ba? Plus the additional 30 mins from the beginning. So we sang 2 hours with just 23 bucks leh. Super worth it!!!! Did I mention we got free drinks again??? I’ve never been so lucky for a very long time =) lalalalalala~~~ Must keep luck. Must keep luck ^^

Soph and Peng, look at the reflection of the revolving disco lights – pretty~~

Special thanks to Yinan for driving. And thanks everyone – was a really fun day out ^^ Happy Belated Birthday Sophia~~ Hope you had a great time today ^^,


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