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I have sort of decided to move over to wordpress (notice it’s not s0hp0h, but sohpoh =( because I stupidly deleted my s0hp0h blog last time and then realise I can never get the domain back. They don’t recycle the url, zzzzzz) Sort of, because I really wanted some password protected post. Not totally yet because I still like my chatbox!!!! Cause I painstakingly coordinated the colour wan leh, took me ages to do it last time. Why oh why does wordpress not support it? It only allows this meebo thing and I hate it. Plus doesn’t even have nice colours.

So yea, I decided to keep both. I’ll just export my posts as I post here over to wordpress as time goes along ^^. If only blogger introduced password protected posts hmm. Cause I really prefer blogger much more. WordPress’ templates are quite limited and none of them really suited the s0hp0h theme lol. Anyway. My main purpose of creating a wordpress blog is so that I can collate all my previous blogs together. So now they are all at one place!! *Happy me*.

On another note, I went out for lunch with my mentor and her other student from fifth year and some staffs. It was fun. I learned quite a few things – like how to slowly progress to owning a practice haha. I haven’t even graduate. But yea, I do want to have my own practice(s) one day. Hopefully I will be able to do it ^^. And my mentor is really nice. She’s helping the graduating student in getting jobs. So I realised it’s actually good to work in different practices in a week, instead of staying at one only. I initially thought it’s troublesome, but apparently it offers more experience that way. Get to see broader spectrum of patients. And learn different ways practices work.

Which left me to think… two and a half years to go. Jia you, jia you, jia you!!!!~


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