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To the new blog. *throws confetti in the air* I sure hope this is the final change. Unless if blogger come up with something better =p

This supposingly ‘happy’ occasion HAS to coincide with the return to Uni. SIEN. There has already been endless blogs (here and here) complaining to the shortage of holidays. Unfortunately, it’s going to be like that until I graduate. OMG. Thank god they still allow us to have summer breaks. Albeit shorter, but at least it’s so much more than just a single week. Upcoming weeks will be long and tiring. 11 weeks until we get any holiday. Which again, only last for one pathetic week. This must be karma. I’ve once proudly rejoiced over the large amounts of holidays I have, and now look who’s laughing!!!? Sigh.

And I have yet collected anyyyy form of natural teeth. Oh man. I need some by August. They need to be carious right? Yeeee. Gross. I hope I don’t have to keep them in my locker. I’ll have four from my extractions soon – but they’re non-carious. Wonder if that’s ok? Hmm. Oh well. I’ll just keep them. It’s less gross than other people’s teeth lol. And I found out I have to skip one of the lectures due to the clash with my ortho appt. Many would say that’s not a legitimate reason to skip. But when the next available appt is going to be a month plus away from my initial appt (which itself is a month plus away from now), I say THAT’S A GOOD ENOUGH REASON FOR ME TO SKIP. Sophia, I hope you have booked your appt already – PLS don’t wait.

I finally finish watching ‘They kiss again’. What a shitass ending. Not a complete waste of time. But why oh why do they have to make the endings so shit???? Shittier than the first series even! Can you believe it!!! Plus it’s way too abrupt. I hate it like that. I like it when they report a bit about everyone in the end. And then I watched a korean movie ‘Seducing Mr Perfect‘. I think a lot of people think Daniel Henney (or however his name is spelt) is hot? Dunno. Not my type. He is very good looking. But I don’t like. Maybe it’s the muscles. What a put off. LOL. He looks much better clothed.

On a random note. Someone invited me to an event. I don’t even know that person – probably from Fluff friends? Anyway. It’s nice of him to invite a stranger. But check out the location..

Zzzzzzz…… WTfish??! I haven’t even been remotely CLOSE to HK before. Not even China. Lol. I SHOULD HAVE JUST SWIM OVER FOR A BBQ EH?


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    viv said,

    Yay! First to post a comment in your new blog!

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