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I wasn’t supposed to blog today!!! Cause I was really lazy and decided to leave it till tomorrow after my extractions =( Anyway. I stumbled upon something, so here I am once again I’m torn into pieces. I was having my weekly dose of Malaysian news from The Star and I never failed to look into the Education section. Call me weird, but I don’t know why. So yea. I was just looking at the article headings, I never really read them cause they sounded either completely irrelevant to me, or about some random stuff that’s not interesting (oh wait, both sentences mean the same thing, I just wasted 0.0000001 calories typing them >.<).

So I saw this one that was a positive indication of Dentistry of some sort, ie Toothy Encounter. I have no idea since when I became so interested in dentistry – really, it kinds of bothers meeeeeeee how much I care. Anyway. I was thinking it’s probably about AIMST, but turned out it’s actually on my very own Uni. OMG OMG OMG. Weird as it is, I find it intriguing. Lol. Like out of so many Uni(s), they chose stinking Adelaide (no offense or anything, I still like Adelaide as it is) to be in their cover story!!! Hahahahahaa. And they interviewed several Malaysian fifth years – Wendy, your senior!!. Most of the students have like a driving factor towards dentistry, which doesn’t include money of course. It’s times like these that I feel kinda ashamed lol. For me it has been money lor (maybe not so much anymore – eh dun laugh!!! Give some face la, I’m trying to salvage my image and not come off as some blood sucking bitch ok).

Anyway. I remembered preparing for my PQA interview, thinking the most common question asked ought to be, Why do you choose Dentistry? Luckily I gave a thought about it before hand, or else I would have looked like a complete money-minded idiot in front of the interviewer. Surprise surprise, I didn’t say MONEY. Aiyo, who the hell would do that? Though I heard a rumour that my cousin did. And she didn’t get in to Adl. But she was accepted into Melb haha. So I don’t know if that’s what really happened. Anyway – my thinking at that time is obviously trying to come off as passionate as possible. FOR DENTISTRY LA DUH.

And hence, I just sort of made up a story. It wasn’t a lie entirely cause it was based on a true story. It’s just that I added this little bit in to hint that I’m interested in dentistry for as long as I can remember. The story was about one of my cousin (yah, I have lots of them, but note that Chian’s not. I shall repeat, she’s my cousin’s cousin. CLEAR???) who broke her front teeth playing badminton, and seeing her teeth being restored back into perfection placed me in awe. So from then on, I WAS TOTALLY HOOKED. Yea right. Though I was actually really impressed at some stage, which is like 10 years after the incident, but it still counts right? Eh, please don’t judge me la, I’m sure some of you lied somewhere too. No?? Ceh. Guess only me.

p/s Just in case if anyone from the dental school is actually reading this (eg the interviewer), what you’ve read above – is totally made up. I AM REALLY INTO DENTISTRY. Can you not see the flame burning in my eyes???? *roll eyes* There, there.


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