Another boring entry about clinic

s0hMood > *annoyed* (that stupid big fat ulcer, GO AWAY)

I had my first clinic session yesterday since recommencing. And my original tutor ditched my group yet again T-T, are we that annoying??????? I heard from Dila that the tutor said last sem she’s not tutoring us anymore? Anyway. So after like 15 minutes delayed, we got a temp tutor. Who tutored us last time. Seriously lor, I’ve seen this temp tutor as much as I’ve seen my ori tutor. How sad is that? Till the extent that my assessment last sem was just – satisfactory. ONE WORD. But I ain’t complaining. It’s better than ‘fail’.

Anyway. I was all prepared for my first patient. Amalgam cusp cap. With all the equipment out on the tray. And then there you go, I have my very second FTA. I knew the patient wasn’t going to turn up though. Cause this particular patient has canceled on me on numerous occasions, ever since the large amalgam I did *trying to send me a msg or something??* Anyway. So I just ended up assisting Wendy with her new patient. Who has a LOT of restorations – only one tooth was untouched. Wow. So I bet this time, you have heapsss to do yea Wendy? This poor girl. The one patient who needs a lot of restorations was discharged from her because of the expired card. Don’t know if I should call you lucky or unlucky.

So my second patient turn up! Yay. Or not yay? Anyway. So I have to do a buccal restoration. Glad that I didn’t have to put rubber dam cause it’s too close to gingival margin. So my first time placing seeing the tutor placed gingival retraction cord. It looked heaps easy. And then the tutor had to say “you’ll probably take 20 minutes doing it the first time”. Zzz. I sure hope that didn’t jinx me. And so I did the prep and tutor started bombarding me with questions – what material are you going to use? Why? What’s RMGIC? etc etc. That’s the only thing I don’t like about young tutors. They all seemed to ask a LOT of questions. Very scary for an unprepared noob student. So got through it. Then was in the midst of filling the tooth when I eavesdropped overheard the convo coming from another cubicle. Same ques. So why do you choose this material? The answer: Cause I read from an article that in class VI restorations, this material has the highest bonding/adhesion rate and etc etc etc and because of the surface stress bla bla C factor bla bla. WAHLAO eh. The tutor just went, I don’t know, but if you like it so much, you can use it. LOL. I think the tutor was a bit gobsmacked?

Then I finished the restoration. Turned on the ‘tutor light’ (yay, I’m finally out of the stupid cubicle with a broken light since a gazillion years ago). So I thought tutor’s going to come. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Then I had a peek to see where the tutor was. Talking to QQ (don’t have 2nd patient). Then I waited. And waited. And they talked. And talked. And TALKED. I finally beh tahan and just popped my masked face within their view. Then tutor got the hint. Finally T-T. Restoration was good. According to tutor hor. I thought it was ok. Sometimes I don’t know if I am the one being overly critical or that they are being overly generous. Like seriously. During self assessment, on the strengths, tutor said I have good time management. I was like ‘oh’ and felt stupid cause tutor’s going to read in the next ‘weakness’ part that I wrote, POOR TIME MANAGEMENT. I felt like a total idiot.

Anyway. Rest of the mouth. I saw a very first REAL draining sinus. Wow. It looks like a little doughnut. A white spot with a reddish dot in the middle. Cool! But no pus oozing or anything *disappointed* – zz, I am sounding more and more like a freak. Noooooo, I still very much like to think that I am not that into Dentistry. Yea right. Seems like everything I ever talked about nowadays is dent dent dent. God, please give me a life T-T


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