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FARK. FARK. FARK. Two cancellations (plus the FTA last week, wow, my clinics this semester sure is off to a ‘good’ start). I just went to school for NOTHING. WTFish. *turns on the chain saw and destroy everything in its path* One canceled last minute. One DON’T even remember the appointment. ROARRRRRR. How can you not freaking rememberrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!??? It’s not like a freaking check up. It’s the freaking filling that you freaking needed. Argh, bites me. If you don’t care, I shan’t either *shrugs*.


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  1. 1

    summer said,

    WHOA… @_@
    cool down girl…
    *pat pat shoulder*
    it’s their loss to ffk u… ;P
    just wait til they come with toothache.. hehehehe… i’m so evil…

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    LOLOL. thanksssssssss summer! hahaha. U really have faith in me hor hahahaha, i think u will be my best patient ever hahahaha..

  3. 3

    summer said,

    hahahaha… just remember to charge me cheaper. (i know you are all for the money, but friendship should be worth more than money right? RIGHT?? hahahahaha…) LOL… cheer up… 1 more step nearer to beautiful, straight teeth… ooh, i got 1 way to deal with ulcer. but it’s really going to hurt. ;P
    i.e. adding salt to the wound(ulcer). lol…

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    HAHAHAHAHA.. Hmm let me think.. friends, money, friends, money. OMG I kenot decide!!!! Hahahhaa jokingla hhahaha.. u will sure get ‘specialll’ discount lolol.. and ‘special’ treatment too! Dun worry lolol
    Wahlaoooo, even the sound of it is scaring my ulcer liao.. lololol

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