Lost ANOTHER two teeth

s0hMood > *tired*

I have my second extractions today. So now I have four teeth in my jar. Hurray. Now if only I can find the other 15 more of non-premolars. Now I have an altered bite and sensation. My tongue kept wandering around these bulges which I thought was the blood clot, but turns out they’re my own teeth. I think the lost of one teeth made my tongue highly sensitive to the adjacent remaining tooth. Very annoying. Anyway. After my extractions, I have perio clinic. I know la I so dumb, choose the day when I actually need the energy. Turned out ok still la, though one of my patient’s CoC need to extend for another more appointment T-T. Sigh. I hate root planning really really much. Such a pain lor. Especially when it involves hand scaling. It’s no secret now that I HATE HAND SCALERS. Simply because I sucked at using them. No power. Plus my angulations damn shit. Sigh.

Dinner was painful as. I have to bite on the other side, pretty much healed, but those sibeh ulcers. I almost teared in frustration. They are SUCH bitches. Everytime the savoury sauce touch it’s exposed tissue, it feels like a throbbing sting. I know it doesn’t make sense. Throbbing and sting. We all know throbbing and sting are meant to be under two different categories. But it really does sting and throb! So so annoying. And during that one moment when one of my brackets with those metal hook rub against the ulcers, I swear I could cry ‘&*@^%&%^)*)(@!$’ out loud. Then Kenalog came and save the day!! But only after I came home zzz. Thanks Wendy for the recommendation, it’s really useful.

All the exam results are out. And I’m glad to say I passed everything. Thank you everyone for the support and prayers. Thank you! And congratulations to those who also passed! And those who didn’t do so well, jia you jia you!!! Please do not hesitate to ask if you need anything. Will try my best to help – though I have to say I didn’t do very well myself, sure ain’t the best person to offer anything, but just in case if you all needed any, I’ll gladly help k.

Only morning lecture tomorrow and Friday. Yay!! But next week the real semester starts, commencement of every single subject. OMG. My timetable is real shitty leh. And who says 2nd semester is more relaxing? All the freaking Endo is already killing me. Fixed pros leh? And omg, Ortho which haven’t even started. But I already can imagine how hard it’s going to be T-T. I realised I always hear all these rumours that always turned out to be untrue. Seriously. Some say 2nd year is hardest. Then when we go to 3rd year, they say 3rd year is the hardest. Then some say this tutor is nice, turns out not and vice versa. I should just stop listening altogether.

And have been wanting this for ages but still haven’t make any effort to get them. WHERE ARE MY DENTAL LOUPES????!!! I better get them asap. Anyone wanna offer to organise something? =p To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. But I think I will really need it for Endo lab. SO here’s to hoping we get it soon!!~ Heh heh, off to finishing my drama(s) before the work start pilling up.


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