What goes up, must come down?

s0hMood > *Tea* (shud reli drink more water)

I keep getting free stuff lately. Free Vitamin drink. Free instant mash potatoes. Free tea and coupon from Booze Juice. Yay!

I was heaps full from lunch at Seoul Restaurant (on Hyde St off Pirie). Omg. I practically poured everything down and I’m so stuffed T-T. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE EATING LESS. Yinan, WHY oh why did you do that to me? Or was it the other way round? Haha. Anyway, the food was great! It’s seriously going to be my new favourite restaurant (for casual dining la, expensive dining cannot compare lah). Taking Bazu down lolol. They have MUCH better service than Bazu really.

Soft bean curd hot pot - so yummy!!

Soft bean curd hot pot - so yummy!!

Lunch set - around 10 bucks, good value!

Lunch set - around 10 bucks, good value!

Garlic chicken - I'm hungry now!!!
Garlic chicken – I’m hungry now!!!
Side dishes

Side dishes

Ortho lab was full on man. Are we supposed to know all the bones before hand? Cause I have no freaking idea. None of my group members did anyway, except for E who did hers before hand. But it seems like the tutors expected us to know something? Like howwww? We weren’t given any lectures beforehand. Oh, self-directed learning. Zzz. Anyway. My group finished heaps early. One hour wahhahaha. I was happy. Can go home early wei!

Waited 45 freaking minutes for the freaking bus during freaking peak HOUR. Can’t you freaking believe it!!!! OMFG. I was so pissed! Stupid bus. Why bother come up with timetable when they’re not following it? Nabeh. I saw four 106(s) – Yinan who came out after me half an hour later got into a bus first!!! Lucky girl. Saw 3 179F(s) that goes near my area. But I lazy to walk. See la. If only I was a tiny tad more active – I would have got home by 5.15pm. Zzzz.

I freaking love Leona Lewis and One Republic. So soooooo good. Siao. Lololol.

I have yet to start my DLP. Sob sob. And I still have to do my Perio essay, smoking cessation essay (Chian gonna be my patient LOLOL. Chian, you smoke 20 per day yaaaah!!), Pros Cd to prepare for pros test, and fulfill my promise of going through my notes. Endo. Ortho. Fixed pros. Sigh. I wanna die….

Half BDS is coming up. Yay. I’m most excited for the certificate part tehehehhe. I’m officially half way through omg. It felt like it’s been so long though. I can’t believe I still have HALF to go. Sigh…

Omg, my first fixed pros lab tomorrow. Aih, have to prepare for that AS WELL. Omg. I have a gazillion things to do neh. I haven’t watch my drama for so long liaoooooooo. Feel so freaking deprived.



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    summer said,

    You get to eat so yummy-looking Korean food! You should not feel deprived leh.. Hahahaha… I miss Korean food. I kinda like their rice, different texture from ours. You got me drooling liao lah… lololol… You know, that charlie said i am becoming like you, because I use lololololol now… Hahaha… Gambateh neh!! When will you come back to land of jagung tower? Oh ya, how do I read your password-protected posts?

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    haha.. yalo..korean food soooo nice yea.. I heard lots of korean bbq places in kl.. i shud go try hehehe.. LOLOLOLOL… yalor..cos watever he say.. i just lololol.. then now he copy me liao -.-”’ haha see la.. it’s not I’m weird wat.. it’s common rightt?? lots of ppl oso use lololol wat hahahaha…
    you too jia you jia you!!! heheh ohhh, i’ll give u password lol.. msn yea ^^

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