Die la die laaaaa

s0hMood > *cham*

Oh no!!! I’ve lost my watch T-T.. I’m sure it’s hiding somewhere, but I don’t know where! Hate it when I LOSE MY STUFF!!!!! Grrr. Why can’t they come up with a device that helps you find the thing you lost? Why does the watch not have a life of its own and just jump up and down exclaIMING “I’m here, I’m here!!!”? Why do those things never stay in where I LAST PUT THEM anyway? Maybe they really have a life of their own. Walk away to play ‘hide and seek’ under my very nose. Guo fen lorrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh well. It’s a gift from my friends – so I better find it fast. Yorrr. No mood to do Perio essay d. Not that I have any to start with =P

So I changed my ortho wire that day – not too bad. One side is much more painful than the other, at least I still have one to chew on yea? My next appointment is just right before my flight back to Msia (if all ends well la). Why ah my appointments are like so far apart? And I don’t even have bands around my brackets? Modern orthodontics don’t need them anymore or what? Strange… But I was given elastics to wear during the night though. According to my orthodontist, I’m on the straigthening phase. So I was only given thin wires. In the next appointment, it’s going to be the ‘closing gap’ phase. Oh no,  have to live with the lousy gap more 12 more weeks????!!!!!! I hope they close up soon sigh… Very ugly leh cause it’s quite obvious on one side. ADA LUBANG OK??? Now there’s a wire bridge! I think I’ll break it very easily – due to the constant proding from my tongue >.<

Boring days ahead. Have to do my DLP. Perio essay. Clinical learning issues. LONG and early classes tomorrow. Difficult clinic sessions on Friday. Organise my case notes and Titanium for mentor meeting next week. Start to feel a bit sick – tingling throat. T-T I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!~


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