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And I thought doing Perio essay in school is going to be easy. WRONG. The internet deprived me just went on and on into never-ending sites. Ah, the bliss of being connected. Which reminds me the pain of having not wrote anything since last week. So so sad man. I was MEANT to be productive at home. With no internet. No one around. No snacks. I mean, what ELSE COULD I DO RIGHT? Series lor. My poor essay.

Anyway, so I have my mentor meeting today. It all went down well. Some little stuff here and there but she says I’m doing well overall =P It feels nice to have some encouragement. Not that my tutors aren’t nice or anything. But it’s nice laaa. Anyway. So I skipped Endo this morning. Caught a later bus because of mentor meeting. AND I JUST FOUND OUT DND IS CANCELLED. WTF. I could have gone home. Such stupidity. See la, no internet, what also dunno. This dunno, that dunno. Sibeh noob la.

Neway. Have been meaning to say this for a very long time. Anyone NOT SICK of seeing Stephanie Rice in EVERY single thingggggg? Haiyor. She’s so over promoted I start to feel a bit annoyed by her face liao. It’s like every single little tiny detail also must report. Newspaper nowadays. Tsk tsk tsk. So what if she won 3 golds la aiyo. Other people got win also what. And they were treated like nobody. The third gold doesn’t really belong to her yet everyone’s like idolising her. What about her team mates? They are the freaking ones who won the relay. She did shit in that relay as far as I’m concern. Don’t get me wrong, she’s brilliant and everything, but why must the media just put all the limelight on her? Like because of her the team got gold? Excuse me lah, she was on second/third place throughout her swim. Those poor team mates. Kesiannyer…

T-T I officially lost my watch. Sob sob. Been searching high and low for it. BUT IT’S NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Sad or notttttttttttt? Haih. I’ve looked at ALL possible places. Just not the bus yet. But I will do it tomorrow. Just in case. Though the last two times when I’m DEAD SURE I left it in the bus, yet they found nothing. This time I am not so sure summore. SURE NO CHANCE. But like I said, just in case. Even the slimmest chance also have to try lor. Cannot let my watch die until bu ming bu bai. Sigh. Sorry ah TAG, I also don’t know how I lost it. Where I put it. I even dreamt that I found it yesterday. So happy okkkkk!!! Too bad it’s just a dream. Sob. Sob.


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  1. 1

    Wendy said,

    oh man…u are desparte sohpoh, even dreamt of ur watch. pat pat. and hope u get well from ur cough too..@.@ i just knew that there’s no dnd today too -.- thanks to sohpoh giving me nodame, …didn’t even checked my email even though i am connecting to the world zzzz..

    tell me when u want to go watch shopping yea? coz i am looking for one too…my current watch is getting slower by seconds -.- seriously, if i make it 10 minutes earlier…the next morning become 5 minutes late…oh man…i seriously need a new watch soon.

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    LOL datz funny.. then U turn it 15 minutes earlierrrrr so tomolo mah ON TIME lorrr, smart or NOTtt hahahahaha…

  3. 3

    chianur said,

    hahaha… u ok mahh.. im still coughing too .. tsk tsk tsk

    btw.. stephanie rice this time? hahaha.. i tot u are only anti michael phelps..

    nyway.. take good care of yrself k.. n lets have lunch together some time.. see u around

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    lol newspaper la.. news la.. everyday see her sien like hell.. dong kui san gam bai wannnn.. lol coindicentally.. she’s linked to micheal phelps cough cough.. see the LINK?? HAHAHAA

  5. 5

    Wendy said,

    @.@ i don’t like u sohpoh…why don’t u let me buy a new watch har?? goshh….my headache is killing me….no energy to argue with u ..h ah ha….don’t be so down with ur perio session yea.. 😛

    hmm..-.- mine was worst, the previous session i mean..i miss 3 pocket dept which were like 6mm -.- sommore upper anteriors !!…i wanna bang my head really hard on the wallll…u can’t beat me with this man

    *pain *pain *pain @.@ helpppp…should i skip class tomorrow?? wahahah

  6. 6

    sohpoh said,

    lol haih.. i totally NOE what it feels like to miss a god damn pocket mannnnnnn.. super suckieeeeeeeeee

    LOL u din skip oso..but u SHUD have.. I SHUD HAVE.. -.-”””’ can’t believe i subjected myself to two hours of hypnotism..

  7. 7

    Wendy said, student..zzzz..

    coz i accompanied the other wendy to see doc, so since i was already out and my headache had gone—> rajin-ly go to class’t believe he/she is going to use 3 lecs periods to finish 1 lec noteee…SOS.

  8. 8

    s0hp0h said,

    yalor.. I tot at least he will finish it that lecture.. OMG omg.. torture us nia

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