Why so suay one?

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It’s meant to be a good day. Got my loupes. Yippee! Been talking bout it since like forever. Finally manage to SEE properly liao. Anyway. So I have my Perio clinic today. Haihz. It was ALSO meant to be a good session one. My patient even gave me chocolate lehhh. I removed all calculus lehhhhh (l still remember the embarassment from last time when the tutor removed this large chunk off the concave root of premolar and say SEE THAT??? I’m NOT THAT BLIND laaaa.. So drop face aka tiu lian….) But it had to be tarnished by my stupidity. Yor. I missed two pockets lor in a routine exam. One is sibeh deep summore – 7 mm OKKKKK, blind also won’t MISS la WTF. It doesn’t help that it’s a localised defect – but tutor must be thinking I very idiotic. Actually I think doing bad is better than being an idiot. I HATE COMING OFF AS AN IDIOT one lorrrrr. Then I have to miss the hyperkeratosis. Zzz. It’s REALLY GOD DAMN OBVIOUS. I summore go and say, Ohhhh that’s new. I just saw the patient last Friday, didn’t find that. Tutor rebutted – It looks like it has been there for QUITE SOME TIME. Zzz. Oh well, at least I feel better that my another tutor missed it as well. So means not just MY eyes bad la right hahahaha. Anyway. Sien. Bad sessions. Hate hate hate. One more to go before the holidays. I WANNA KICK ASS OK!!!

I really should complain. Early start next year. 12 of JANUARY. WTFishhhhhh!! Who the hell starts so freaking early laaaaaa. OMG OMG OMG. Only 50 days in Malaysia neh. T-T I AM VERY SAD……


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  1. 1

    chianur said,

    wahhh.. so early!!!! jan sumore.. i hope mine doesnt start so early

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    YALOR.. super crushed… sigh….. hope they change it to later..
    u of course won’t la.. we have six weeks pre-clinical.. and clinic oso start feb 23 -.-;; means first sem.. ours is like.. 14 weeks LONG.. ong kill me kill me please

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