Ten years and still counting!

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This post is specially decicated to [T.A.G] members….

Mm ging mm gok – we have known (most of) each other for 10 long years. Ten. Sap. Sih? Sepuluh!! It’s a damn auspicious number ok? Most people nowadays aren’t even married half as long as our friendship last (and still growing strong!!). That just shows how old we are. And how far we’ve come! I don’t really remember how I met half of you crazy people. I only remember how Pn. Rokaya asked us to pair up and get to know the pair behind us as part of a ‘English’ exercise. And that’s how I got to know WaterFish. And then through Moral classes, I get to know three scary people – actually make that two since Hippo is the ‘known victim’ to Rhino and Elephant. You guys were like heaps popular ok! Everyone knows how notorious you guys were, make note to self: DON’T KAO JING. Then in Form 2, again in Moral class, I stumbled upon Mountain Pig. I still remember back then she was damn ‘xiao qi’. Lolol. Then in Form 4, Monkey came and joined us. Even though you basically self-entered the group, I’m sure we are all glad that you did.

[T.A.G] was hence born and has been growing every since – Giraffe, Camel, Porcupine, Frog and some un-animalised members, special mention to baby Nikolas ^^! With addition of new members here and there. Especially when most of us are involved in PSS aka school library. Out of no where, we decided to be librarians. Prefects are too dangerous a job – almost every single prefect I know has been hit in some way – guys la of course. Girls not too bad. But I don’t want to risk it. So then we begin to involved ourselves in a lot of unrelated stuff. English Society drama – none of our business also -.-”’ None of us are even members of that society. It’s only because the library advisor is also the English Society advisor. And since she couldn’t get anyone in the society to do it, we were asked to instead. Misuse power nehhh. Anyway. It was somewhat fun. Except for the bit that we were criticised for having ‘too many deaths’ in our drama and hence lost zzzz. For those who play Final Fantasy game, you will know the play between Cornelia and the dude-I-forgot-his-name. Anyway. It was really funny. We even recorded the competition. LOLOL. And the Snow Black drama for PSS dinner night. And the Haunted House for school carnival. Too bad we lost to freaking Koperasi by like dunno how many dollars. Cause they have like ten gazillion stores!!! But that was fun. And also a lot of other memories we’ve created together.

We’ve been through so much and I can’t believe we’re still friends after so long. ^^ I am indeed very lucky to know you guys. Thank you for laughing with me when I’m happy. For crying with me when I’m sad. For holding my hand when I’m scared. For standing by me when I’m rebellious. For joking with me when I’m bored. For scolding me when I put myself in danger. For checking on me when I’m alone. For encouraging me when I left overseas. And most of all, for the friendship you guys have shared with me. For everything you’ve guys have done for me, thank you very very very much! Here’s to hoping our friendship will have many many more ten years to come! 无论发生什么事, 我们永远永远都会是最好的朋友. [T.A.G] 万岁!!!


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  1. 1

    Angry Person said,

    aww the photo slideshow is brilliant

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    thank you.. I did try to choose weird-ass pics

  3. 3

    BK said,

    only 3 and 8 are auspicious numbers. o.-* <<it’s a wink

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    Keropok, apala… 10 is… ‘ngan fen’ (silver wedding)… hahaha.. it’s ausssspicious..

  5. 5

    Boon a.k.a said,

    lolz…how come got my graduate picture lolz…cha dol -.-||

  6. 6

    s0hp0h said,

    ur speeeeecial moment mah.. hehe

  7. 7

    Dinp0h said,

    Sob sob~~~ So touching de, maybe i’m one of the member of T.A.G. gua….. Proud to be one of the member, yeah!!! Reli got so much feeling within these 10 years: happy, sad, crazy, stupid, angry, disappointed, joyful n blah blah blah…… Friends forever ya~~~ muackss… reli love u guys so much!!! waiting for u back to m’sia. Take care….

  8. 8

    sohpoh said,

    lolol yalo so long d sigh.. we reli been thru a lot hahah.. fun though lolol.. haha I can’t wait oso.. see u!!!!!!!

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