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I am a highly impatient person, so much that I am SO FREAKING AMAZED I am freaking putting myself through this. -.-‘’’ All because of this freaking monopoly-like game. Yes, Wendy I found it and for some reason, I really feel like playing it. It was a bit big, and because I can’t download at home, so I thought maybe I should do it in Uni. Since I don’t really use it anyway right. And I have heaps of quota left. BUT BIG MISTAKE. It was fast in the first ten seconds, then gradually dropping. And dropping more and more after like one hour or so. And after like 3 hours I think, I’m still here in Uni doing shit. I finish Uni at 1 o clock lorrrrrrr. I did try to do Perio – I thought that will get my mind off things, apparently not. I looked at it for maybe like a millisecond, then quickly changed to watching bits of a movie I haven’t finished. Listening to songs. Surfing net. Printing notes. I even watched the PBM crown video and jot notes. SEE I SIEN OR NOT????? Haihs. And it will take another 4 more hours (IF THE SPEED DOES NOT DECREASE FURTHER, WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT, STUPID CONNECTION, WHAT SORT OF FREAKING LOUSY ASS CONNECTION IS THISSSSSSSS). Freaking hell. I FEEL SO STUPID. But at the same time I don’t want to just stop it leh. I didn’t wait so long for god damn nothing okkkkkk. But I think I won’t be able to finish downloading it today. I should have setup bittorrent la duh. Sigh. If I stop it now, then it’s all GONE. Yor. I am seriously in a dilemma. Should I stop? Or just continue waiting since I’ve already waited so damn long? It’s only 50% now. T-T Why laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ &*$(#^$!$$_+&^&^@%$ I freaking want to explode now… And there’s only like a few souls left in the comp lab. Even the nerd-iest ones left liao. Leaving silly me. And another couple. Siennnnnnn man. I really feel like pushing the freaking logoff button. And now the d/l speed decreasing MORE, down to like 5kb per sec. Mommy, I WANNA DIE CANnnnnn. ARGHhhhhhhhh. Haih touch wood. I don’t want to die over trivial things like this. OKLA. I think I will leave soon. See how. T-T…. I’ll kill a horse to have high speed connection now…..


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  1. 1

    Angry Person said,

    how big is the file?? ask me help u la

  2. 2

    Wendy said,

    OMG lar….i thought the download speed in the uni is pretty fast ? better than my home one @.@ glad that u have found it lor..hehe..

    don’t explodee..hehe..it wil be worth downloading 🙂 i promise..hehe

  3. 3

    chianur said,

    hahaha.. nvm la.. u gave up eventually also.. lolzzzz

    at least u get to know where to eat good ramen eh.. ahahha…

    next time try my uni’s.. or it would be equally slow. hmm.. i have no idea nehh..

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    angry person: thank youuuu!! but I sien-ed by how long I have to wait liao.. stupid game…

    wendy: i noeee, which is why i waited so long… lolol

    chian: ceh.. i noe that place d one.. just haven’t been nia lol

  5. 5

    wwh said,

    bising la…download so long oso wana download… c2pid

  6. 6

    s0hp0h said,

    wwh: u sibeh encouraging lol

  7. 7

    summer said,

    lol… don’t worry, I get that slow connection all the time… unless I wake up bloody early before everyone does… as they say, early bird gets the worm… but some also say, early worm gets eaten. Hahahahaha…. By the way, I’m waiting for my download to finish while reading your blog. But I’m very sleepy liao… Should I give up download or give up sleep???? lol…

  8. 8

    sohpoh said,

    lolol.. give up download hahaa

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