Holiday blues…

s0hMood > *coughING*

Sigh. I think I’m falling sick again. My throat tickles. Cough cough. And it’s in the midst of holidays. HOW depressing. And I’ve been doing nothing lately. Except sleeping till 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Wake up and grab some lunch. Series. Re-series i.e rewatch old drama(s). And movies. Then if I really felt like it, I did my assignments. Occasional studying. Sigh. Who said holiday’s a bliss? I think people are like that. During Uni time I want holidays. During holidays time I want Uni. SO contradictory. I’m a woman afterall. We do change our minds a lot ey? Ah. I am starting to miss Malaysia. Why oh why is Adelaide so god damn boring? Like seriouslyyyyy. I shall stop ranting. I managed to crap out my smoking cessation assignment in less than an hour yesterday! I am so freaking proud of myself ^^. I’ve never been so freaking productive!!! Albiet it’s not perfect, but it’s just a lousy assignment. So who cares? I still need to add references though. Apparently I need a lot of them to just get satisfactory. What the hell la. It’s a damn weird assignment to begin with. If only the school can just give us more free time, spare us from these ‘extra’ stuff.

Oh oh. I was taking a walk around the neighbourhood yesterday. Guess what I saw???? I passed by this woman and her dog. And the dog suddenly stop on its track. So I thought perhaps the dog is scared of me. But as I approached, I realised the dog is just shitting lor. Yee. So i just walk past, turning back to see the owner embarassingly pulling to it’s dog, to move it to the sandy area since the dog is shitting in the middle of the pedestrian pavement. Anyway, being the nice people Australians are, I just assumed she would pick up the dog’s shit la. But after 30 minutes or so when I passed by the same area, yerr, the same few pieces of untouched shit is still there. Yikes. In the middle of the pavement. Wahlao. So damn irresponsible. At least scoop it over to the grass, flip it or something? Just leaving it there is damn suay lor. Imagine when the owner of the house comes out and see that piece of shit (pun intended). Hahaha. Ok. I shouldn’t laugh. This just proves how mundane my life has been and I have to resort to blogging about dog poo. Quite low hor?

I think I need to do some shopping man. But I’ve been doing that so much more lately. Cannot cannot. Must.refrain.self. Oh. oh. I watched The Other Boleyn girl. I know. Like finally…. It’s such a good movie omg. I regretted not seeing it any earlier. Scarlett Johanson was ok. Eric Bana was ok. But Natalie Portman was superrrrr geng. Hahaha. Eventhough her character is somewhat evil, there’s this charm in her. Not like boring Johanson. So mundane. Maybe it’s her character. But it seems like she always get casted into these goody shoes character which really ain’t doing her much favour. Always see her also sama sama one. Sien lor. Too bad the queen has to die. Awwwww. Anyway. Will be going out more this week, so yea, at least my holidays aren’t all that dull. Heh heh heh…….

p/s There’s a typhoon in Taiwan leh – Wendy are you ok?


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  1. 1

    Angry Person said,

    might not hv lunch at baz anymore so…

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    oh haha.. i have other plans wat lolol

  3. 3

    summer said,

    hey, same here… bloody sore throat and feverish… ok lah, give it some face lar, it has not been visiting me since few months liao… old friend, faster leave so I can enjoy the remains of my so-the-short hols. hope u get well fast too!

  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    lol.. sigh, I think I’m getting better. oh wait, better not jinx it.. Hope u feel better soon!!!!

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