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I just had my wires tightened, changed rather. It’s like twice the size of my old ones. I also need some new elastics and according to the orthodontist, I need to make a ‘fox box’ and a cross something. Right. And my teeth are in severe pain T-T. The price I’ll pay to have the perfect dentition. Hmm. Not like I really care but they always say dentists need to have nice teeth, which was why I took the plunge. Anyway.

Finally got my perio essay back and I did pretty well! Woohoo! Didn’t expect that. Of course it ain’t the highest, like *cough cough Anne, Yinan or Sophia cough cough* But hey, it’s good enough for me. I only expected a pass and was thinking I’ll be lucky to even hit the 70’s. Heheheheehehhee. So I’m one happy girl. It’s not about what I didn’t get, rather what I did get yea? And after adding everything up with my much underused brain – took me quite a while by the way, how can we live without calculators really – I can flung the exam and still pass Perio! WAHAHAHAHAHA. Of course I’m not going to deliberately fail the exam, just that it puts me more at ease with the whole negative marking thing. So that’s one stream considered down, yayness!

Which leaves me for the rest – Sigh. Still a long way to go! But soon enough, I’ll be done with exams. Only three more weeks. Yep. That’s all it takes and I’ll be done with third year. Fingers crossed of course that I don’t fail any of them.

Anyway. I did my first molar obturation the other day in lab. Took me the whole damn session but it was worth it I supposed? The result was quite good except maybe not enough GP thickness on the mesial canals. But my first attempt. Can’t expect much yea?

And I finally got a reply from the Dean of UKM Dental Faculty and he said YES! Omg omg omg. Okay, I sound like a bride who has just asked the groom to marry her. I’m not thattt happy la lol. Just that it was really quite hard to establish the contact. Much harder than I initially thought anyway. So my selective is now truly underway. Just have to finish up some minor things and then I just have to make sure I get my ass there during the exchange period. Ahhh~ Don’t you just love it when things fall miraculously into place nicely when you least expected?


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35 degrees yikes!

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Was reading the news the other day, just saw this piece where the infamous Bali Bombers claimed that shooting them is too cruel. Right…… So bombing isn’t cruel? Killing a whole bunch of innocent people ain’t cruel? Ruining the lives of the victims families ain’t cruel? Wow. What a great epiphany! I did not know that *sarcastic* Anyway – the Indonesian Government didn’t but their bid and decided to shoot them anyway. Next month.

So today was a real hot day. The day before was damn cold. Wow. Talk about global warming. And I just had my Pros exam. Which went quite well – I hoped. It was much better than I expected. Especially after the night I’ve had. Couldn’t sleep the entire night – was totally horrible. Not like I’m not sleepy, it’s just that I can’t seem to fall asleep! I seriously think I am suffering from some sort of insomia. Hmmm…..

Less than a month to go, and I’ll be back in Malaysia. Yay! It feels soooo near, yet so far. Have to get through this Ortho test on Monday, then start preparing for exams. Yea. I still get one of those weird flood that I’m-gonna-fail-my-exam thing, though the next minute I know, I’ll be telling myself how easy the exams will be. Right. It is really contradictory, really depends on the way you see it. Which is why I would like to at least try studying very hard this time around – just in case.

And sigh. I have to do so many things at the moment. Sort out my selective. Collect the jars I placed at various dental sugeries (and they’re not exactly in the city either >.<). Replace the existing natural arch I have. Drill the tooth they want for next year – really could have told us a little earlier. And also that radiograph they wanted. Do self-assessments. Study. Oh myyyyy… I need a break already! I do complain very easily yea lol.

Was watching We Got Married. Haven’t been following my favourite saaangchu couple for a while! Anyway. They have new additions – and there’s this one girl who’s real damn funny. Omg. At first I saw her in the lastest episode, and she appeared real bland and dumb and what’s not. But after watching some of the earlier episodes (couple intro part), I realised she’s one hell of a funny girl. Think Yuan Xiang Qin in It Started with a Kiss. SERIOUSLY, I’m not kidding. I can’t believe such people DO exist. But I can’t help complaining to Han the girl looks too ‘ahjumah’ (Korean for Aunty). She has a weird dress sense. She looks like a country housewive, desperate type. Anyway, if you’ve got nothing better to do, then check out episodes with Hwayobi, who I think looks like Fan Bing Bing chubby version. Her made-believe husband, HwanHee is a real piece of art himself *slaps forehead*. Ah, I swear my TMJs (jaw joint) are hurting at the end of it. My cheek muscles as well – they contracted way too much!

p/s Han was telling me Hwayobi put on a lot of weight and I was googling up her old pictures, WOW, she looks so god damn different!

Check out those arms! Not the boobs hor

Check out those arms! Not the boobs hor

You have to watch the video to know how she really looks like now. I can’t really find any picture that justify how she looks in the show (which I suppose is a good thing? Anyway, she’s cute regardless of her weirdness).

pp/s Good luck everyone for Ortho test! Haven’t done this in a while ^^

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Dental myths

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After getting my braces, I became lazier in my brushing routine. In a sense. Like when I’m home, I have to brush in the morning, after lunch, after dinner and if I do have a snack before bed, then I have to brush another time before bed. Damn the big ass plastic brackets. Anyway. So I became lazy and so I avoided having snacks after dinner. But I have a habit of drinking milk with milo before bed. So to prevent the need to brush, I didn’t add milo and just drink the milk as it is. Why? Because milk contains calcium so it can’t be bad to leave it overnight right? I mean, it’s like a lighter fluid version of tooth mousse. So surely if anything, it will only do my teeth good! Boy am I wrong. I was reading random news and came accross this.

Sesame Street taught us many things, like vampires being great accountants, it was wrong about milk before bed. “It’s loaded with vitamin D and calcium, which build strong teeth, but it’s also packed with natural sugar lactose,” says the British Dental Health Foundation’s Leigh Greenwood. “Drink it before bed and your teeth will be coated with it. Over time, this will cause cavities. Drink your dairy at least an hour before bed so you have time to brush before hitting the hay.”

I feel like a dumbass. Who’s the dental student again???? >.< I never thought milk has sugar in it. Afterall, it doesn’t taste SWEET at all, which is why I added milo in the first place. So I’ve been causing demineralisation in my teeth all this while, thinking that I am actually remineralising. Zzz. This can only mean one thing. More tooth mousse application from now on. Sigh. I hate applying it. It doesn’t taste bad or anything, just I don’t like having stuff in my mouth before I sleep kind of thing? Btw, is that the same Greenwood I know? Hmmm……

Other things I found interesting:

Bad teeth can really leave you down in the mouth. Researchers from King’s College London found that the whiter your smile, the more attractive and successful your colleagues rate you. The dentally challenged likes of Shane MacGowan are apparently perceived as less clever, less popular and less well-adjusted than their well-capped peers.

Wow. Shit. My teeth aren’t exactly white. It’s yellow lor. How how how? Now you all will rate me as less successful and less attractive!! But I don’t want to bleach my teeth. It gives it the fake white appearance. Hmm. Plus it thins out enamel, and it is already very thin as it is thank you very much – which is why it appears yellowish. So if I bleach -> white -> thin enamel, dentine show through -> yellow -> bleach. Wah. It’s like a viscious cycle.

Forget those money-saving tips; lemon juice won’t do as cheap substitute for teeth-whitening treatment. “Lemon juice is an acid,” says Goolnik. “So as it takes away stains it’ll be taking a bit of your tooth with them.”

Huh? I thought bleaching uses acid too. Stronger one even. So doesn’t that make them the same thing? Confused. Hmm.

It’s bad-mouthed for harbouring more acid than the crowd at a Pink Floyd reunion gig, but not all fruit’s bad for your pegs. A compound in cranberries stops bacteria clinging to teeth, cutting plaque deposits by 80 per cent, according to the University of Rochester Medical Centre in New York. If you can’t get fresh, go for sugar-free dried cranberries.

Wow, cranberry is the fruit from NOW on. But where to find? Maybe they should include cranberries in toothpaste from now on. Lol. Now if you would excuse me. Need to hunt for some cranberries.

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Friendster inspires

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It amuses me how some people can be simply so.. amusing! They might be the most self-absorbed beings, but their confidence even in their not so flattering areas, are really something don’t you think? I find it soooo entertaining and well, desperate at the same time. But I supposed everyone has the right to feel ‘good’ about themselves no matter how they are? I mean I can be as self-conscious as I want, but I can’t expect other people to think like me. (Note: I am not thatttt self-conscious la or I’ll prolly get a shock looking at myself in the mirror every morning) Hmm. It’s just so interesting though. Like how different we all really are. Heh heh. Oh God what am I even saying. It’s like so.. wthell?

Anyway. Not going to put names obviously cause God knows what’s going to happened to my blog. Sure don’t want to attract any arsonist. There’s this one homo sapiens whom I saw in Friendster – well, haih, I’m going to sound very mean. But to my own defence, I actually felt sorry for the person more. Ok now I’m saying the person is pathetic. Nono, that’s really not what I meant. It’s just that.. Oh you know what, forget it. The faster I say it, the faster you read it. So this person really ain’t exactly the typical Friendster mui mui – that meaning not those 13 year old posing in their tube top and make up face with all the right angles, not to mention heavily photoshoped, you get the idea. Btw – I meant TYPICAL – so if you happened to be 13 years old and have a Friendster account, please don’t think that I’m talking about you unless if you think you are typical. But then again, my conception of typical is dfifferent to yours so ah what the hell, just don’t read this all together! What are 13 year olds doing in the internet anywayyyy?

So back to the story. This person don’t exactly have the most flattering figure – in fact, erm, very unflattering. Anyway. I just don’t get how can one can muster up the courage to camwhore and pose his/her face in numerous angles that doesn’t do him/her any favours AT ALL and worst still, post it up in a public network. Just like how I don’t get people who are clearly gorgeous putting up pictures of them with some plain old John/Jane then claiming ‘Oh, this is ugly me and my super uber hyper very extremely gorrrrgeous friend’. Like what the fuck are you trying to say? ANYWAY. So yea. Why are some people like that? I don’t know. Is it just me or that really – I mean anyone will be vain enough to not allow their ugly pictures float around the net to a group of unknown people and take you as a laughing stock, right??? Hmm. I am vain and I admit that la. So whenever possible, I do try to not let those disgusting pictures get posted ANYWHERE. Especially if I’m the uploader – like hell NO am I going to let my face scare anyone OK! I’m not saying those people are scaring people, but you know – you want to post then by all means go ahead, it’s your face anyway. But please don’t do that and then go with a caption ‘I’m so kawaiiiiiiii’. Like sibeh dots man.

Then there’s some people who always try to pretend sexy and yet trying to act like it’s all so natural. -.-””’ I hate those to the max man. Very grosslor. See d have to wash my eyes. Sigh. Especially those who purposely show their assets. Die die also have to squeeze the cleavage out. Oh God. And I’ve seen some who even attempted to mimic those professional model with towel covering certain parts pose. OMFG. There’s a reason why these things have to be professionally done!! Or else everyone would be doing it lah. What, you think you are very smart and only you can think of it is it? Like seriously, these people are trying to do what? Want to land themselves in FHM ah? Playboy? The next thing you know is a bunch of old pervert ah peks oogling at your pic probably doing the what’s not in front of your pic lor. You’ve just became someone’s subject for 18sx manipulations. Eww eww ewwww.

Anyway, on a happier note. Monday clinic ended today. Awwww. I like my Monday’s tutor best!!!! Every assessment is like, Lovely! Nice! Good! V. Good! How to not loveee him like that?!!!!

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Academic update about the un-updated

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Friends are EVIL. Especially the ones who offer you a whole new batch of drama(s) after you’ve just finished a whole lot of them recently. And you promised that you’ll study after! All those just come crashing down with a simple snap of fingers. I’ve spent like the entire night yesterday and all Saturday watching those drama(s). So addictive. Sigh. But my Pros needs immediate attention. Not to mention Ortho as well. Oh no, there’s like so many things to learn!!!! The entire semester’s worth of lectures. Sigh. I never really got anything out of those lectures I attend. Not to mention those that I’ve skipped. And having to read through them is just.. Oh God, please remind me why I am in Dentistry again? T-T Yes yes yes, I shouldn’t be complaining. Just can’t help it. Especially when other people are spending so much time studying, whislt I’m here doing nothing. Study study study. Why is it so damn hard? Why do I have no interest in them like at all? Fixed pros is damn hard. I have like the suckiest crown prep ever. And Ortho is just uncomprehensible. Just doesn’t make sense at all. Totally puts me off the idea of wanting to specialising in it (not that I can, but if I could I would). Like what was I thinkinggggg? It’s like the most boring thing ever! Not even the huge amount of money it brings can cheer me up to liking Ortho. Gah. The only thing I like so far is Endo but I have a feeling my root canal obturation the other day really ain’t anything to be proud off. Not to mention the fact that the tooth got exo-ed. Stupid acrylic block. Just couldn’t hold the damn tooth in. And parts of it fractured as well! Oh well….. I am content just with normal dentistry thank you very much. And clinics are coming to an end, woohoo!! I think I only have 2 of each Cons and Perio clinic left *jumps around the room*. And after that exams ^^ And then before I know it, Malaysia here I come!!! Can’t wait to go back to the scorching heat, heavy rains, polluted city, smelly rivers and what’s not. Oh and also the visit to public dental hospital. My very first time!! If only they will reply me though. Zzzz……   My selective is now ‘dong guo sui’ (roughly translated to colder than water, literally means in an infavourable situation).

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