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You know you are getting older…. when you start to dish the pinky fluffy stuff aside to opt for some solid bright red stuff that you once hated so much after having being forced by an adamant mother to wear it every Chinese New Year year in year out. According to Yinan anyway. Lol. So we went to Glenelg on Friday. The whole week has been fine and sunny. Except for that Friday. What luck we have man. Rained like the entire day almost. Lucky for us we didn’t really go for the sunny beach, rather the hot chocolate and fondue at Bracegirdles. Mmmm….. chocolate~~ A dip of the crusty waffle in creamy smooth vanilla icecream and sweet loaded milk chocolate. It was good! We also had a separate strawbies dip, exceptional in its own way. Oh and the hot chocolate – made with real milk chocolate buttons. Yum! And a sip of latte after everything proved too much. Wow. The bestesttttttt choc I’ve had since a very long time.

Stolen from website - but they seriously looked that divine

Stolen from website - but they seriously looked that divine

Anyway, before that we first had lunch at this asian place. I had the Thai fried rice and Sophia has the Chinese style one, they all turned out pretty good. Yinan had the Tom Yum soup, which didn’t come with rice. So we told the girl we wanted to add a bowl of rice and she told us it’s 70 cents. Cool and all. Halfway through our meals, a lao ban niang walked in. And then the atmosphere of the whole cafe just changed you know? From warm and friendly to money minded awkwardness.

Anyway. So we asked for tap water. Then after quite a while, another girl came with a jug of water and glasses.
Girl: Did you guys want homemade water?
Me: Huh? *Finally realised what she meant* Oh yea yea…
So we had our homemade water. Don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like really. Lol.
Sophia: How can you make water anyway? It’s just TAP water. They combime hydrogen and oxygen to make H2o?
Me: Maybe they have those electrolysis machine. ROFL.

So then we finished and wanted to get the check. And we told the lao ban niang we wanted to separate the bill. Yinan said she wanted to pay for the first two – which in the list wrote Tom Yum soup and then rice being on the next line. She calculated and gave her an amount that even the blind knows it’s not right. Zzz. She went and calculated the first and the third item. Wtf? Anyway. So we told her. THE TOM YUM AND THE RICE. She went oo and then looked at the bill and say nono, and crossed out the 70 cents adjacent to the rice and say the rice is two dollars, not 70 cents, telling US we got it wrong. Hello? It’s not like WE wrote the freaking order bill did we? So we told her no, the girl told us earlier it’s 70 cents. So she didn’t charge us more than that. But then she added an extra charge. 1 dollar per person for the homemade water. Wtf???? We just paid and then left with freaking ridiculous looks on our faces. Who the hell charges 1 dollar per person for water?  I finally find someone more kiamsiap than the K-Noodle lao ban niang. They too only charge 50 cents per cup. I had a cup and more. Sophia has a quarter of her glass. Yinan only took a sip. Zzzz. If only we knew they charge for water. Siao. She should have said something. Anyway. We didn’t ask too so I guess we can’t really argue that point.

Sigh. And I finally got new drama supply. Lol. Taiwanese dramas. Aih. Nowadays those Idol dramas are so.. whatever in an Avril Lavigne kind of tone. But I still watched it cause I really have nothing to do. Lol. Oh man. I started Hot Shot, for those who don’t know it’s about basketball. Sort of like KungFu Dunk except SO MUCH MORE KUA JIONG. Okla, KungFu Dunk was more kua jiong. At least Hot Shot didn’t turn back time… YET. Gosh. First episode was so hard to watch. Xiao Zhu who I presume is the main character, got his face like ALL THE TIME, seriously SUCK in crying scenes. Like when his grandmother died, his crying scenes were damn fake man. Made me laugh and roll my eyes rather than feeling even a tad emo. I get emo so freaking easily, don’t know how many times I cried watching Moonlight Resonance (except when Linda Chung cried, don’t know why…).

Hot Shot aka 籃球火 aka Basketball Fire wtf?

Hot Shot aka 籃球火 aka Basketball Fire wtf?

I seriously felt like turning the freaking Real Player off man and just continue with my Gossip Girl re-run. Anyway, lucky for me it was funny scenes from then on. Jerry Yan like usual, same sort of character so no comment. Wahlao, Wu Zun. Sien man. It’s well known that I don’t like him anyway. But this is so poorly casted. His character has a lot of difficult chinese words to pronounce – more technical terms about basketball. And hello? Chinese is not his first language wtf? Even when he pronounced Jerry Yan’s character’s name – from Dong Fang Xiang, I actually heard him say Dong Fang Si Lang. LOLOLOL. Anyway. Lucky for me he didn’t have that many scenes in that series.

Main characters -doesn't the girl look like the Korean girl from Silence?

Main characters - doesn't she look like the girl from Silence??

Wahhh, and the main girl character. If only Ariel didn’t turn it down. Zzz. The Park-Eun-Hye-lookalike-except-not-as-pretty girl was so blah. Although for once, she actually made a believable ‘not so pretty’ girl in idol dramas who for some weird reason will be able to captivate the main guy’s heart. Ariel Lin also not very pretty la I know, but at least she’s cute, plus she can act a gazillion times better than this girl la. And there’s this girl who’s really pretty but her character has a lousy name – W. Yes. DOUBLE-U. Apparently it means Win. SO freaking lame. And I’m not sure because she’s used to it or what, whenever she walks in the series, she puts both her hands into her pocket and walk like models doing the cat walk. It’s damn irritating at times because I seriously don’t get the point of that lor. Sigh. Despite all that, I am still watching it, so really, look who’s talking…. I think I’m really sibeh wu liao man. Anyway. Dinner time. Toodles~


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  1. 1

    chian said,

    I want the waffles!!! looks yum~

  2. 2

    s0hp0h said,

    ap: aiya, once a while nvm.. plus there’s owes dark choco.. done

    chian: ya..much better than cocolat’s.. speakign of which I haven’t been there since like forever.. lol

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