First day back

s0hMood > *coughING*

My my my. I rewatched Ka Hou Yuet Yuen last night, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to sleep so early anyway. So I watched till around 2 sumthing and by the time I hit the covers, it’s already 3 o’clock in the morning. And I only managed to fall asleep around 4 or so I think. Sighs. And when the alarm went off, I went through my daily routine AS USUAL. Should I go? Should I skip? Go la go la. Aiya, nevermind la, skip la skip la. But but. I really should go hor? Talk about the angel and devil showdown. The devil usually wins , but for some godforsaken reason, the angel won today! Wow. That’s sure a rare sight. And after having skipped the last three sessions of Endo, I thought to myself, I really shouldn’t skip anymore. Painfully, I dragged myself out of bed. Even made breakfast and lunch. Ran to the bus stop. Missed the bus regardless. DAMN. Took the 8.45 am bus. But all went well, I reached the city around 9 ish. Wow. I should wake up later next time for 9 o’clock lectures. Anyway. So I went to the lecture theater, and was relieved the lecture hasn’t started. Waiting in front ain’t the lecturer, but a group of fourth years waiting to pitch their team to us so that we would vote for them. Yada yada yada, you know how it goes. After 15 minutes or so, it finally ended. Good. We can get straight down to the lecture and get out by 10 am hopefully. One thing though – Lecturer IS no where to be seen. People started asking – Do we have a lecture? We better!! I didn’t wake up so damn early for nothing ok!! And the next class is at 2 pm and I could have slept in till at least 12 pm. But it was as if God too was playing a prank on my heartfelt effort, sigh. Why are you so cruel? My intentions WERE good what? No? Sigh. I get it. You are punishing me for not coming the last three weeks, but hello, I have an appointment with my leng zhai orthodontist leh, can you blame me????? Okla, the other two times were completely MY choice, totally voluntary but still!!! What have I done to deserve such….. I don’t know, er.. Joke? And it’s not the first time lo. The school seriously should revised their freaking organisational skills cause even sucky me would have a BETTER go at it. Oh my gosh. End of rant. Headache. Please excuse me while I.. take my Panadol imaginarily.


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