I need to vent

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No lor. Make that I need to BITCH. Sighs. Why is Perio so sucky? WHY OH WHY??? The lectures are sucky. The exam is sucky. The Perio essay, oh gosh, need I say more? And the clinic is sucky. And cough cough, the you know what also sucky. Sienz. Such a bad perio session. Despite the fact I actually did heaps well clinically. Apparently that’s not enough. Apparently I need to know the basic fundamentals of Perio. And that being the difference between evaluation and maintenance phase. So what do you do in evaluation? I barely answered that. What do you do in maintenace? Omg. I attempted like so many thousand times. Gosh. Stupid me just didn’t know. SO HOWWW wor? Ma end up looking like a complete idiot, yet another time lor. Sien la. When I can stop being so stupid man. It’s so silly can? Even the fact that I did eventually get it right doesn’t comfort me at all. And the fact that the tutor actually sat down on the dental chair. Wooo – BAD SIGN. He just went on and on and asked and asked and I just stood here dumb. Like literally NOOB-ish dumb. Sigh. I promised myself I won’t come off as an idiot the last session and yet I managed to upsurp myself, it’s bloody ridiculous. And my tutor even said, We’re already in October, you should know by now. Aih, damn killing me can? Like I can just fail this entire thing liao. Sob sob. The good thing is, now I know the differences and it’s like etched into my brain liao. Sigh. Sigh. I tell you what, I won’t say I will do better next session cause I always seemed to jinx it like that. I should just say.. see how it goes T-T. Again I wonder, why do people choose to specialise in Perio – SERIOUSLY? Meanwhile, people please pray that I pass Perio and never ever do anything idiotic okay??!! Thanks thanks!!!~ Luv ya all!!


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  1. 1

    Angry Person said,

    hmm… evaluation = recall? check pocket depth again? maybe another opg?

    maintanence = sub + supra scaling to disturb flora?

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    oh no another OPG.. just rechart perio and do scaling when necessary..
    maintenance is also the same and main thing is to disturb but tailored according to each patient wor.. sigh

  3. 3

    Angry Person said,

    nvm ba… at least you don’t have my tutor ok.

  4. 4

    summer said,

    *pat shoulder* there there, add oil! you can pass it!!

  5. 5

    sohpoh said,

    ap: not like mine is any better.. interesting though, I saw urs in an office talking to someone and she sounded really nice.. maybe just in front of adults.. lol a total contrast to what i see in clinic. .hmm

    Summer: aww, thank you so much ^^

  6. 6

    Angry Person said,

    oh well my tutor n ur tutor .. a couple.. sums up a lot really..

    u think urs is better because u dont know what happened to me on wed.

  7. 7

    Has same tutor as Angry Person said,

    Man, his other half oso the same!! She’ll ask the question so many freaking times until u get the right answer. Hate hate hate! No patients in her session tomorrow. Hopefully doesn’t want me to do blocks. Bad premonition!!!!

  8. 8

    sohpoh said,

    lolol.. u just keep helping other ppl.. dun let her have time ask u lol

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