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I get so paranoid about things these days. Little things that meant nothing to others. Is it because we’ve learnt too much? I just never seem to fail thinking about the ‘potential’ consequences. Risks and chances.

When I brush my teeth, I didn’t want to brush too hard till it causes recession. Nor did I brush too light cause that won’t be adequate to remove plaque. What is the right force really?

Before I got my braces, I worried about tooth resorption, which commonly happens on the anteriors. I even personally know someone who had that. Die la, what if my incisors fall out? Crown also mm dim ah. And then the buccal displacements if expansion is involved. What if I get dehiscents? Then perio pockets? How how HOWWW???

After I got my braces, I was worried that I’ll fall flat on my face, or someone will just hit me on the mouth or something to cause a mucosal haemorrhage. Again, I also personally know someone who has that happened, ooo, bad sight. And no, not the same person as before.

Before extractions, I was worried that the upper premolars exo(s) are going to expose my maxillary sinus.

During my extractions, the force was soooooo big I thought my other tooth which the forcep was resting on is going to crack and open in halves.

After my extractions, I was scared of puncturing my sinuses. I didn’t blow my nose at all during that time cause of the dentist’s warning. Even after so long, whenever I blow my nose, I feel like I’m going to break the blood clot and that a fistula is going to form and food will go up my mx sinus and I’m going to get sinusitis and will need an additional surgery to clear it up. Zzz. Thank God that’s not the case. But I do think I have a phantom fistula. I swear I can sometimes feel it imaginarily! Weird…

I know this is totally random. But it is possible. Hmmm. How big of a chance I don’t know. But I just hope I won’t fall into any of them. To the members of public who happened to chance upon this blog, please do not fret at any of those above. Be rest assured as long as you have a good dentist. Lol. Ekhem.

On another note. Malaysian news are such funny jokes. Open up a random page and I’m sure you’ll find one. Take this for example. Shah Rukh Khan is given datukship. Is it just me or that now, any freaking one can get datukship? I thought you have to be at least Malaysian? I’m wrong obviously. And you know what he did to deserve the title? Promoting Malacca in one of the films he starred in. Wahlaoness. Did he direct the film? Doubt it. Did he wrote the script? Doubt it. So why is HE getting the award, instead of the actualy person who may have suggested shooting the movie in Malacca. Obsiously who getting the reward is not the point because they don’t freaking deserve it in the first place. What sort of honour is that huh? So why don’t they give it to Zoolander huh? They did promote the Malaysian Prime Minister albiet it’s about an assasination plot againts the PM but still, at least the movie places Malaysia in the map. Now half the world knows where the hell Malaysia is. But what they did was banning the movie. And now they went ahead to give the ward to some Bollywood star. Oh God. That’s even worst than angkasawan’s Datukship. I seriously don’t understand how this works man. I’m not saying the Zoolander movie deserves Datukship, just that the One 2 ka 4 movie don’t deserve it even MORE. Now you ask, what’s the One 2 ka 4, God knows!!!! That’s the movie which Shah Rukh Khan has supposingly promoted Malacca with. Oh well. WHo knows, one day I’ll be a datuk too and some other person will be criticising me like that. Lolol. Now we’ll all just wait for that day, won’t we?


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    Angry Person said,

    You won’t have recession no matter how hard you brush unless you have underlying bone loss!!

    Oh wait… bucally displaced teeth, dehiscence, brush hard, recession..

    You worry too much.

    Just a quick question, was the whole movie about Melacca? If not, how long was Melacca featured in the movie?

    Don’t you already know that country is run by bunch of no-brainers?

    It’s annoying because I have to log out everytime I want to comment on your blog, otherwise, my wordpress blogging ID would be exposed and my real identity would be exposed and assassins gonna be after me.

    You’re not the only person with paranoia.

  2. 2

    Angry Person said,

    btw i just realised my username was left in the comment for your previous entry. if it’s not too much trouble to ask, could you either edit my name/remove the comment altogether. thanks

  3. 3

    s0hp0h said,

    exactly lol…we naturally have some dehiscent bone anyway, so how would I noe which areas are prone which aren’t? lol.. so have to becareful regardless…


  4. 4

    s0hp0h said,

    oh btw, i dunno how long it’s featured… I don’t think the whole film ba.. not like I watched it hHAHAA

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