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Friends are EVIL. Especially the ones who offer you a whole new batch of drama(s) after you’ve just finished a whole lot of them recently. And you promised that you’ll study after! All those just come crashing down with a simple snap of fingers. I’ve spent like the entire night yesterday and all Saturday watching those drama(s). So addictive. Sigh. But my Pros needs immediate attention. Not to mention Ortho as well. Oh no, there’s like so many things to learn!!!! The entire semester’s worth of lectures. Sigh. I never really got anything out of those lectures I attend. Not to mention those that I’ve skipped. And having to read through them is just.. Oh God, please remind me why I am in Dentistry again? T-T Yes yes yes, I shouldn’t be complaining. Just can’t help it. Especially when other people are spending so much time studying, whislt I’m here doing nothing. Study study study. Why is it so damn hard? Why do I have no interest in them like at all? Fixed pros is damn hard. I have like the suckiest crown prep ever. And Ortho is just uncomprehensible. Just doesn’t make sense at all. Totally puts me off the idea of wanting to specialising in it (not that I can, but if I could I would). Like what was I thinkinggggg? It’s like the most boring thing ever! Not even the huge amount of money it brings can cheer me up to liking Ortho. Gah. The only thing I like so far is Endo but I have a feeling my root canal obturation the other day really ain’t anything to be proud off. Not to mention the fact that the tooth got exo-ed. Stupid acrylic block. Just couldn’t hold the damn tooth in. And parts of it fractured as well! Oh well….. I am content just with normal dentistry thank you very much. And clinics are coming to an end, woohoo!! I think I only have 2 of each Cons and Perio clinic left *jumps around the room*. And after that exams ^^ And then before I know it, Malaysia here I come!!! Can’t wait to go back to the scorching heat, heavy rains, polluted city, smelly rivers and what’s not. Oh and also the visit to public dental hospital. My very first time!! If only they will reply me though. Zzzz……   My selective is now ‘dong guo sui’ (roughly translated to colder than water, literally means in an infavourable situation).


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    Wendy said,

    hehe..u should watch max 2 epis of dram per day ~ try to control urself 🙂 think of the drama as a reward for a day of called hard work or studying ..

    can’t wait to go home too!! btw, did u call MAS to change ur date of departure or did u personally go to the MAS office on north terrace??

    we shall be more focusss on our studies, somehow the interests in studying just fade off…this is what happen after so many yearss of studying i suppose…haih..jia you ~

  2. 2

    chianur said,

    nvm la.. haih.. i dun have new series .. n yet im not studying at all lor.. im more wtf in the sense.. HAHA… haih.. u good la.. can go back so early.. im a week later.. sighh..

    go back we go pasar malam ya. HAHA..

  3. 3

    sohpoh said,

    wendy: haha kenottttt.. cos I dun have a hard day.. so i just slack through watching lol. omgomg.. I finish half d almost.. siaoooooooo but luckily i oso felt a tiny bit guilty.. so I study a lil bit.. i din end up changing cos there’s no flights on friday.. If wanna change u can either call, or just go the MAS office directly.. whichever u prefer i think

    chian: lolol then u shud watch hahaha… not reli la. my exams cramp all in one week wor.. need to sacrifice oso wan

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