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After getting my braces, I became lazier in my brushing routine. In a sense. Like when I’m home, I have to brush in the morning, after lunch, after dinner and if I do have a snack before bed, then I have to brush another time before bed. Damn the big ass plastic brackets. Anyway. So I became lazy and so I avoided having snacks after dinner. But I have a habit of drinking milk with milo before bed. So to prevent the need to brush, I didn’t add milo and just drink the milk as it is. Why? Because milk contains calcium so it can’t be bad to leave it overnight right? I mean, it’s like a lighter fluid version of tooth mousse. So surely if anything, it will only do my teeth good! Boy am I wrong. I was reading random news and came accross this.

Sesame Street taught us many things, like vampires being great accountants, it was wrong about milk before bed. “It’s loaded with vitamin D and calcium, which build strong teeth, but it’s also packed with natural sugar lactose,” says the British Dental Health Foundation’s Leigh Greenwood. “Drink it before bed and your teeth will be coated with it. Over time, this will cause cavities. Drink your dairy at least an hour before bed so you have time to brush before hitting the hay.”

I feel like a dumbass. Who’s the dental student again???? >.< I never thought milk has sugar in it. Afterall, it doesn’t taste SWEET at all, which is why I added milo in the first place. So I’ve been causing demineralisation in my teeth all this while, thinking that I am actually remineralising. Zzz. This can only mean one thing. More tooth mousse application from now on. Sigh. I hate applying it. It doesn’t taste bad or anything, just I don’t like having stuff in my mouth before I sleep kind of thing? Btw, is that the same Greenwood I know? Hmmm……

Other things I found interesting:

Bad teeth can really leave you down in the mouth. Researchers from King’s College London found that the whiter your smile, the more attractive and successful your colleagues rate you. The dentally challenged likes of Shane MacGowan are apparently perceived as less clever, less popular and less well-adjusted than their well-capped peers.

Wow. Shit. My teeth aren’t exactly white. It’s yellow lor. How how how? Now you all will rate me as less successful and less attractive!! But I don’t want to bleach my teeth. It gives it the fake white appearance. Hmm. Plus it thins out enamel, and it is already very thin as it is thank you very much – which is why it appears yellowish. So if I bleach -> white -> thin enamel, dentine show through -> yellow -> bleach. Wah. It’s like a viscious cycle.

Forget those money-saving tips; lemon juice won’t do as cheap substitute for teeth-whitening treatment. “Lemon juice is an acid,” says Goolnik. “So as it takes away stains it’ll be taking a bit of your tooth with them.”

Huh? I thought bleaching uses acid too. Stronger one even. So doesn’t that make them the same thing? Confused. Hmm.

It’s bad-mouthed for harbouring more acid than the crowd at a Pink Floyd reunion gig, but not all fruit’s bad for your pegs. A compound in cranberries stops bacteria clinging to teeth, cutting plaque deposits by 80 per cent, according to the University of Rochester Medical Centre in New York. If you can’t get fresh, go for sugar-free dried cranberries.

Wow, cranberry is the fruit from NOW on. But where to find? Maybe they should include cranberries in toothpaste from now on. Lol. Now if you would excuse me. Need to hunt for some cranberries.


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  1. 1

    Carine said,

    Good. I likes this blog cause it’s more about food and health ..Just what I want to know..lolz…MILK IS A POLYSACCHARIDE u wont taste sweet…..lolz..

  2. 2

    sohpoh said,

    lolol sigh hopefully my teeth belum got hole hmmm

  3. 3

    Jamie said,

    Eat a better diet with lots of raw foods – fruits and veggies.

    Avoid fast food,processed food & constant snacking. All of this will help give you brighter, whiter teeth with fewer cavities.

  4. 4

    So is it like a warm glass of milk to help you sleep, or more like a habit/ritual you’ve gotten into over the years? Great post, proved Seasame Street wrong again.

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